The globe has numerous places to offer for planning an exquisite trip with family and loved ones. Are you looking for a fancy retreat for an exquisite trip with your loved ones? Under such circumstances, Maldives could be the perfect destination. Located amidst the deep blue ocean surrounded by greenery and rich oceanic life, Maldives brings a peaceful yet luxurious getaway for anyone.

While Maldives has numerous places to discover, one of the best experiences is to stay at a flamboyant hotel that will make you adore the ocean! Worried about choosing the best options among the numerous available? Following are the 10 Best Inclusive Resorts In Maldives that can offer you a pleasant stay.

  • Summer Villa Guest House

As one of the 10 Best Resorts near Male Airport In Maldives, Summer Villa Guest House has all the modern amenities for a luxurious stay. Right from a private beach, and massage parlour, to a spa, bar and other amenities, the luxuries are never-ending. The villa finds its residence in the Maafushi islands, in the south of Male.


  • Kaani Palm Beach

Located on the Maafushi island, the Kaani Palm Beach resort is another delight for the guests. With friendly staff members all over offering better service, the resort has a private beach, a fitness centre, spa and other amenities. At the end of the trip, you can chill with your family in the pool with all the greenery around. The restaurant serves delicious authentic Maldivian food to treat your taste buds.


  • Radisson Blu Resort

The South Ari Atoll islands of the Maldives house the elegant Radisson Blu Resort that can make anyone spend their vacation in the resort itself. It is one of the top 10 Best Luxury Spa Resorts In Maldives that offer luxury at its epitome. Bar, fitness centre, spa, exotic restaurant and a pool with a scenic view of the blue ocean ahead. Inject your holiday spirit with a dedicated staff member for a memorable experience.


  • Bandos Maldives

Bandos Maldives is an exquisite getaway in the North Male Atoll, Maldives. Bejewelled with a private beach, spa, authentic Maldivian restaurant and other amenities, Bandos Maldives becomes a perfect destination for you and your loved one. The special attractions of Bandos Maldives are the Manta Ray snorkel trip and the sunset dolphin cruise. At the end of the day, having such beautiful yet relaxing experiences cannot be missed.


  • Meeru Maldives Resort Island

The Meeru island houses this amazing water villa surrounded by tall coconut trees with a jetty entrance. The beautiful location gives you the perfect escape for you and your loved ones amidst the hubbubs of busy city life. The authentic Maldivian food could be your perfect taste buddy after a day of trips and sightseeing. The private pool allows you to relax amidst the scenic view.


  • Arena Beach Hotel

Located at the South Male Atoll, Arena Beach Hotel is a four-star resort that offers great service to all its residents. The place has all the best amenities like a private beach, a pool, spa and a great restaurant. In addition, the resort offers exquisite water activities with trained personnel for executing safety measures. The golf course is an added benefit for all the individuals who would love to play golf by the blue ocean.


  • Kaani Beach Resort

Maafushi houses another spectacle with the Kaani Beach resort for all the excited tourists who wish to get the best out of their Maldives trip. For all those individuals who wish to stay in a luxurious place in the South Male Atoll at an affordable price, this can be your destination. The beach accessibility with the presence of an elegant restaurant, bar and parking space makes it a great option. The presence of family rooms makes it a comfortable stay for families.


  • CI- Ritorno View

Here comes another unique stay option that makes it one of the 10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts In Maldives. Water sports, fitness centre, and restaurant are some of the great amenities that it shares with any of the best resorts in Maldives. The beach accessibility lets you enjoy Maldives’ serenity at night.


  • Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Besides all the special amenities Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa also provides massage services for relaxing their customers. In addition, they come with a steam room to ensure that the residents get to relax after their sweaty gym session.


  • Summer Villa Guest House

Here comes a great staying option in the south of Male that offers great services without any chance of complaint. Maafushi brings this great guesthouse that offers a private beach, a restaurant and other basic amenities. The spa, bar and massage centre are an added benefit to get that relaxing touch to your trip.


Final Thoughts

Hotel booking in Maldives With such great options up your sleeve, you can experience the best stay in the Maldives. Make no delay and fulfil your dreamy Maldives trip with a luxurious stay!