For many travelers, a trip to Italy often means ticking off a list of famous landmarks and perhaps enjoying some local cuisine along the way. But what if there’s a deeper, more flavorful way to explore the country? If standard sightseeing leaves you yearning for a more immersive experience, then our food and wine tours in Italy are just what you’re looking for.

At Italy Luxury Tours, we offer curated culinary journeys that delve into Italy’s rich food and wine culture. Perfect for food aficionados and wine connoisseurs alike, our tours offer a tantalizing exploration of Italy’s diverse flavors and unique vintages. Whether you consider yourself a gourmet or simply someone who appreciates good food, our food tours in Italy are designed to satiate your taste buds while offering a deeper understanding of the Italian way of life.

Romancing Italy’s food and wine

Romance is often tied to the perfect combination of food and wine, and Italy never fails to deliver that. With our help, you can experience it in the most personalized way. Through our food and wine tours, you can embark on an unforgettable and sensational culinary journey as you immerse yourself in food traditions, various flavors, and distinctive aromas that define Italian cuisine. At the same time, you can combine a relaxing holiday by considering our Rome & Amalfi Coast Food and Wine tour.

What can you expect from our food and wine tours in Italy? Whether through one of our packaged tours or a custom itinerary, we will make sure it’s the ultimate gastronomic adventure that takes you through the country’s diverse regions. Our carefully designed food tours offer an immersive and one-of-a-kind experience while showing the best of Italy’s culinary heritage.

Eat and drink your way through Italy.

You will be eating, tasting, and drinking a lot during food tours in Italy, so prepare yourself! Our carefully crafted food and wine tours will tantalize your taste buds with expertly prepared dishes by skilled chefs. These experts use only locally sourced ingredients to make time-honored recipes you’ll love to indulge in. Plus, you could learn how to cook traditional Italian fare from them.

Throughout your trip, we will make you savor exquisite cheeses, scrumptious desserts, juicy cured meats, and well-loved pasta dishes. For an idyllic experience, consider our exclusive Piedmont Castles, Truffles, and Wine tour to discover the Burgundy of Italy.

A culinary tour of Italy won’t be complete without visiting one or more vineyards. Our food and wine tours often include well-known wineries and picture-perfect vineyards where guests can discover the art of winemaking. Of course, part of the experience is tasting various Italian wines, from sparkling varieties to crisp whites and flavorful reds. At wine tours, experts will tell unique stories behind every bottle while sharing their love and knowledge of fine Italian wines.

One of our most sought-after wine tours will take you through the wineries of Veneto and Alto Adige. It’s a private wine tour that will make you realize why these regions are popular for their wine bars, cantinas, and wineries. In addition, you get to explore small medieval cities to discover how Romans have loved their wines for centuries.

It’s a cultural experience

Food and wine tours in Italy are not merely about the cuisine and tried-and-true wine-making practices. Here at Italy Luxury Tours, each tour is a cultural experience that immerses the traveler in the country’s warm hospitality and rich traditions. Many of our tours will bring you to local markets where you can connect with artisans and enjoy local meals in traditional trattorias. This way, we hope to make you appreciate the country’s culinary heritage more.

One of the ways to discover Italy’s culture is through its art. When combined with wine and delicious Italian cuisine, it becomes extra special, like what you can experience in our Italy Art Cities Food and Wine Tour. We will take you to the oldest wine-producing regions known not just for their wines but for their medieval architecture and rich history. Plus, you can experience fish cooking demonstrations and exclusive gastronomic tours to savor Tuscan flavors.

Make lasting memories

Our food tours in Italy are meticulously crafted to create memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Each tour captivates your senses as it takes you to an exciting culinary adventure with breathtaking sceneries along the way. Do you picture yourself indulging in Neapolitan pizza or learning to make traditional recipes with magnificent views as your backdrop? Consider our private Amalfi Coast tour. This exclusive experience will also uncover the secrets of mozzarella cheese and the olive oil of Sorrento Hills.

For a romantic, enogastronomic experience, try our Beyond Venice tour. Beyond gondola rides, fish cooking demos, and navigating Venice’s fruit and vegetable market, this tour will take you to Verona and Lake Garda, then to the 16th-century villages of Treviso, Conegliano, and Valdobbiadene, where you can sample some of the top Venetian wines.

Get to know Italy’s iconic foods.

If you have ever wondered how extra virgin olive oils, prosciutto, organic wines, parmesan, and other Italian staples are made, our Tuscany & Umbria tour has the answers. We can take you through Florence to discover hidden small squares and unveil culinary secrets. This tour is unlike most food and wine tours in Italy because it includes meeting the region’s best chefs and cooking with them to enhance your culinary skills. Plus, we will take you to gastronomic destinations throughout Tuscany and Umbria, including Chianti and the wineries of Assisi and Montefalco. This way, you can taste everything that defines these regions’ gastronomic reputation.

To sample white truffles, we’re inviting you to a tour of Alba. It’s famous for its wines, too, making it attractive to many tourists every year. With our Piedmont and Tuscany Wine Tour, you can experience Alba and other places like Langhe, Monferrato, Chianti, and Florence more exclusively, with cooking classes, private walking tours, and cheese and olive oil tours.

Start planning your food and wine tour in Italy now!

Travel with us here at Italy Luxury Tours and experience the best holiday like no other. We specialize in arranging food and wine tours in Italy, but we can customize a trip to suit our client’s requirements and special requests. This way, we guarantee the most memorable, engaging, and fun way to experience Italy. Start planning your food tours in Italy by getting in touch with our experts at +1 (855) 539 0045!