Inpatient Treatment Program at Drug Rehab and How it works at The Luminous Care

Using individualised care plans and holistic methods, The Luminous Care Drug Rehab is here to support and guide clients through the detox process and onto sobriety. Medical detox, inpatient treatment program, intensive outpatient therapy (IOP), partial hospitalisation (PHP), and outpatient therapies are all part of The Luminous Care entire continuum of care.

Traditional talk therapy, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), and other holistic therapies, including music therapy, meditation, Reiki, animal-assisted therapy, acupressure, & expressive arts therapy, are all a part of their treatment for dual illness.

Should I Go Through Detox?

Needing alcohol to feel “normal” indicates that you may have a problem and might benefit from professional assistance. Drug Detox Florida is not something you can force yourself through, and going “cold turkey” without medical supervision is dangerous. The danger of death increases in certain situations if you attempt a withdrawal.

It is a difficult situation, even when it is not life or death. You may get help getting through withdrawal with the assistance of a programme. Symptom-relieving medication and treatment for physical and mental illness are common examples.

The worst of your symptoms may not occur for another day or two, but they may last up to a week. When detoxing, it’s best to have a lot of support to help you stay on track.

The Benefits Of Receiving Treatment At A Drug Rehab

  • It Is Now Time To Begin

Residential rehabilitation is the most severe treatment for alcohol and drug addiction; however other options, such as community engagement groups, individual counselling, medicines for mental health concerns, etc., are also available.

Consequently, it is also the therapy with the highest success rate. The skills and support you get during inpatient treatment program help you maintain your sobriety even after you finish residence. A good residential rehab centre will provide a secure setting, medical supervision 24 hours a day, and individualised treatment plans.

  • Treatment Centre For High-Ranking Executives

Some people choose outpatient treatment because they have commitments at work or home that they cannot ignore or want to “keep life as normal” as much as possible throughout the rehabilitation process. However, this is not always the greatest choice since the individual still has to deal with the things that make them want to drink or to use.

A person in a high-stakes executive position may worry that taking time off may damage their career. However, several facilities now provide specialised executive rehabilitation courses for individuals in such roles.

More advantages of inpatient care include the following:

  • With the right amount of professional, medical, and peer support, quitting cold turkey is much simpler.
  • Get some personal time and be able to concentrate on yourself without distractions.
  • It takes less effort for you all to do, thanks to the program’s structure and availability of help when you need it.
  • There is no opportunity to drink or use drugs.
  • Ability to find and connect with others going through comparable situations
  • Expanded therapeutic choices
  • Improved availability of wellness resources, including yoga, exercise, and healthy eating


It is much simpler to see successes and setbacks when one spends each day actively working to better oneself. Patients at residential Drug Rehab in Florida gain knowledge daily and can shift their emphasis as they see fit to improve in certain areas.

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