Are you looking for the top activities in Canada? We were on a recent cross-country journey, too. People only travel for a few weeks. And, then they realize it would take a lifetime to fully explore the stunning nation. For this reason, we’ve enlisted a list of Interesting Things to do in Canada. This is as per fellow travel bloggers to compile a comprehensive list of the top destinations in Canada. We made an effort to visit as many of the entertaining activities in Canada as we could, from Prince Edward Island to Tofino.


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Take a tour through  Kingston Trolley.

You must ride the renowned Kingston Trolley if you’re in Kingston, Ontario. The retro red trolley cars will take you on a historical tour of Kingston and the nearby districts, while the amusing driver provides funny commentary. They parade around the city.


This well-known tour includes stops at Fort Henry, the notorious Kingston Prison, and Bellevue House, the residence of Canada’s first prime minister, among other limestone landmarks. What better way to experience the ancient “Limestone City,” which served as Canada’s capital for a brief period of time? You can explore the locales at your leisure and board the following trolley, as this is a “hop on, hop off” tour.


Go to the Parliament Buildings of Canada

The Canadian Parliament buildings are worth a visit if you’re wondering what to do in Canada. The Canadian Parliament buildings are a must-see in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. It’s regarded as the center of Ottawa and is one of Canada’s most exquisite structures. It is located in the center of the city. Also, it is close to a lot of hotels, eateries, and other tourist destinations like Byward Market and the Canal.


The three buildings that makeup Canada’s Parliament are the Center Block, East Block, and West Block. It first appeared in 1866. Unfortunately, a significant fire in 1916 destroyed everything but the library. Many carvings, reliefs, and gargoyles are used in the gothic revival architecture of today’s structures.


See Polar Bears in Churchill

One of the best things to see in Canada is the polar bears in Manitoba. If you want to see polar bears in their natural habitat? There’s no better place than Churchill, which rightfully bills itself as the “Polar Bear Capital Of The World.” Located on the shores of Hudson Bay in the sub-Arctic region of northern Manitoba, Churchill is prime bear-watching territory thanks to chilly winds that turn the shallow water into ice early in the season. In October and November, hundreds of hungry polar bears make the pilgrimage to these shores. They wait for enough ice to form so that they can go out in search of their favorite delicacy, ringed seals.

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