An air fryer is a new type of high-tech kitchen appliance that uses an advanced air circulation system to circulate high-temperature air, allowing food to be quickly and evenly heated, achieving the effect of frying. It can also reduce the use of oil, bring light food to people, and ensure their health. So the following article will provide a detailed introduction on how to use Toshiba air fryer toaster oven, hoping to be helpful to readers.


1、 Preparation before use


Before using the Toshiba air fryer, we need to make some necessary preparations for it.


1. Cleaning the air fryer: First, we need to clean the air fryer, remove the inner container, dish, basket, and other parts, rinse them with clean water, and wipe them clean with a dry cloth. Avoid residual moisture to avoid affecting food quality.


2. Prepare ingredients: Prepare the food to be prepared, cleaned, and cut into pieces. Before putting it into the fryer, you can dip the food in a small amount of oil, which will make it more delicious.


3. Moderate addition of oil: Although air fryers can fry food, their function is achieved with a small amount of oil, so it is not recommended to add too much oil inside, as it will affect the characteristics of the food and also cause health problems. Generally speaking, applying a layer of oil before heating or spraying some oil on the surface of food is sufficient.


2、 Using Toshiba air fryer


1. Start up and warm up: Plug in the power, turn on the air fryer, set the cooking temperature and time suitable for the ingredients, and wait for the preheating to complete.


2. Place food in the frying basket: Place the processed ingredients in the frying basket and place the frying basket in the inner container of the air fryer.


3. Precautions during the cooking process: It is important to observe the cooking situation of the food and adjust the cooking temperature and time in a timely manner. When using an air fryer, do not leave it in an open state to avoid unexpected situations. In addition, because the internal temperature of the air fryer is very high, it is necessary to pay attention to preventing scalding during operation.


4. Take out the food and taste it: When the time is up, the air fryer will sound a prompt to indicate that the food has been roasted. Take out the frying basket from the fryer, wait for a few minutes, and then take out the food to enjoy. The roasted food has a fragrant and crispy taste.


3、 Clean Toshiba air fryer


After cooking the food, the air fryer needs to be cleaned to maintain its luster and leave no residue.


1. Standby cooling: After cooking, adjust the temperature to a low temperature and allow the air fryer to standby cooling.


2. Disassembling accessories: Remove the inner container, dish, frying basket, and other components, and clean them with warm water and neutral detergent.


3. Cleaning the body: Dip a cloth with some cleaning agent or soapy water, wipe the surface of the body, and carefully dry it.


4. Thoroughly air dry: After wiping with a dry cloth or tissue, place it in a well-ventilated place to air dry to avoid leaving water stains that may affect the next use.