Pegasus Aqua MRET® Water Activator is produced with the help of patented in the USA Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET®). MRET® water activator is the stationary source of subtle, low-frequency, resonant electromagnetic field of composite structure. The origin of the low-frequency composite electromagnetic field is the intensive electrical activity of nano-rings formed by linear molecular groups of MRET® polymer compound (volumetric fractal geometry matrix) when polymeric body is exposed to the external electromagnetic fields of specific frequency and wavelength [Vysotskii, Smirnov 2005].

This particular article relates to a detailed observation of the effect of MRET® activated water with the modified molecular structure, physical and electrodynamic characteristics on the tumor resistance in vivo in animal models. The research was conducted under supervision of Prof. Vladimir I. Vysotskii, S. Olishevsky, Ph.D. and Y. Yanish, Ph.D. on 500 mice at Kiyv Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology, Ukrainian Academy of Science. The best results were observed in the groups of mice on MRET® water activated for 30 minutes (optimal regime of activation). The significant anti-tumor effect of MRET® Activated Water on mice was close to the action of the chemotherapy agents and allowed to avoid the side effects that typically follow chemotherapy treatment in oncology. MRET Activator Device Manufacturer

The research regarding the physical parameters of water conducted earlier at Moscow State University, Russia confirmed that MRET treatment of distilled water leads to substantial modification of basic physical-molecular properties of distilled water. The anomalous viscosity of MRET water (subject to very low tangent pressure) and electrodynamic characteristics of MRET water (subject to applied electromagnetic field of low frequency range) confirmed the high level of long-range dynamic structuring of water molecules in polarized-oriented multilayer formations in activated water produced with the help of MRET activation process [Smirnov 2007-2]. The fundamental biophysical theories revealed the scientific paradigm regarding polarized-oriented multilayer structuring of cell water in biological systems [Ling 2003, 2001, Drost-Hansen 1971, 1991]. The interaction of water dipoles with pervasive matrix of fully-extended proteins constitutes the basis for the cellular transduction mechanism. Based on this scientific approach the similarity of molecular formations of cell water and MRET activated water can contribute to their compatibility, easy bio-availability and assimilation of MRET activated water, as well as to the enhancement of cellular functions in biological systems. The introduction of MRET water to biological systems can contribute to the enhancement of the cellular transduction mechanism and the proper function of cells in biological systems.

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