Investing in a classic diamond is a timeless investment. They make stunning wedding rings and heirlooms.

The quintessential sparkler, round brilliant is the most popular diamond shape and it’s no surprise why. They reflect light in a brilliant way, and their classic design works with an endless variety of settings.

Emerald Cuts: A jeweler’s favorite, emerald cuts are available in an array of shapes and sizes to suit any style. They work well in Art Deco or vintage settings, and they can also be set into more modern designs.

Oval Diamonds: A classic shape with a modern twist, oval diamonds are an elegant choice that can be used in a wide range of styles. They are a great option for women who want to add a bit of glamour to their jewelry collections.

Cushion Cuts: These gems are a great alternative to the traditional princess and emerald cuts, and they can be cut in many different ways. The most common variation is a rounded corner rectangle, but you can find more unique versions.

Radiant Cuts: Another modern diamond cut, the radiant cut is shaped like an emerald but has deep-cut facets that allow it to catch more light and create more flashes of brilliance. They are a great choice for brides who love the classic look but want to add a little extra fire to their engagement rings.

They are a favorite among celebrities and fashion-forward women everywhere. They are especially beautiful in halo settings, making them the perfect statement piece.