“Diamonds are girl’s best friend” has turned out to be true over the years. Diamonds are sparkling and unique just like your special someone.

From ancient times, diamonds have dominated the jewelry industry. They are rich, bold and sparkling symbols of love and commitment. Engagement rings and wedding jewelry are ranked number one for customizing diamonds.

While history is enriched with charming white diamonds, the new gen is head over heels in love with salt and pepper diamonds. Have you never heard of one? It’s time to buckle up as you discover a special treat for your loved ones.

Experience the richness of salt and pepper diamonds and learn more about their features, hues, metal combinations and so much more in this blog.

How do Salt and Pepper diamonds get the look? 

The diamond has a unique look and personality to match its name. The salt and pepper refers to its hues that contrast as white and black shades. They get the look due to the number of inclusions that are perfectly balanced in the crystal look of the diamond.

You can expect the diamond to have various hues depending on the number of inclusions, it can range from dark grey, milky grey, smokey grey to black and even white hues. Sometimes you can expect green, blue, red, orange and yellow tones in salt and pepper diamonds.

Important things to know before you invest in Salt and Pepper diamonds.

Designing your engagement ring with precious diamonds is a dream of every couple. If you are considering salt and pepper diamonds, here are some tips to remember while shopping.

The Budget. 

If you want a glittering and shimmering diamond with minimal investment and a diamond that steals away her heart in seconds, then opting for a salt and pepper diamond should be your first choice.

These gemstones are fantastically fabulous to add to your engagement ceremony.

The artistry of your ring. 

It is important to take note, that the cut and design you pick for your engagement ring must be comforting as well as stylish. Be it minimalist or chunky style, make sure you pick a style that reflects the beauty of the starry sky in the diamond.

The Color Combination and carat size. 

The detailing of salt and pepper diamonds is the attraction of the stone. Due to their unique hues and artistry, the diamond is famous and loved by all. You do not need a bigger carat to enjoy the romantic grey tone of the diamond.

Take pleasure in customizing these luxurious gemstones with your favorite metals. These rare gemstones pair beautifully with contemporary as well as solid gold metals.

Benefits of selecting a salt and pepper diamond. 

Salt and Pepper diamonds are utterly dynamic creations of nature. They are vibrant, unique and versatile pieces that instantly elevate your jewelry.

They portray the powerful and ambitious personality of the wearer. Salt and Pepper diamonds are amazingly pairs with vintage as well as modern-era jewelry lovers. They are the ideal engagement ring style to pick this season. Learn how to customize and create your own salt-and-pepper wedding bands.

How do you customize your salt and pepper wedding rings? 

Wedding rings are an intimate affair and what makes them even special is customizing your wedding rings. Make them extra precious for your lover by adding their initials, your wedding date, your proposal date and even matching wedding bands are amazing ideas to customize your love.

Add precious 14k gold to make your wedding rings extra shimmering and glamorous. You can handcraft your salt and pepper diamond ring especially if you are looking for an exquisite wedding ring range. Check out some of the best sellers at Rustic and Gold.

Some top sellers you must check out.

Pear Grey Diamond Ring

A dainty masterpiece: Love the minimalistic style? Check out this lightweight rose gold pear cut diamond that is styled with salt and pepper diamond.

The design is super comfortable and relaxing to carry on your day.

Galaxy Diamond Ring

Our rustic favorite: Brilliant round cut black salt and pepper diamond. This utter romantic cut is a soul-pleasing and mind-wrecking masterpiece to propose your darling with.

The solitaire style makes going down on one knee much more attractive. Don’t settle for less as your is darling as precious as diamonds!

Love these gorgeous beauties? Explore so much more on our page. Reach out to us to get expertise in your jewelry design.

Our Jewelry care guide.

Salt and Pepper diamonds are extremely precious craftsmanship of nature and we certainly want it to stay luscious forever. Here are some care tips you wanna take notes of:

  • A pro tip to keep your salt and pepper diamonds rich forever is to clean them with lukewarm water and mild soap. This dusts off the particles that are settled on top of the diamond.
  • Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners that will rip off the shine of your stone. Moreover, do not wear your jewelry in the pool, or chlorine jacuzzi and do not spray any perfumes and chemicals directly on top of your diamonds.

Let’s keep your diamonds safe and glowing forever. To shop the best customized salt and pepper diamonds reach out to us!