Whether we’re talking about the Apple iPad 10th Generation or the Apple iPad Pro 5th Generation, chances are people have been using yesteryear models as much as they’re looking forward to buying new ones that are becoming a rage lately in the markets. The Apple iPad product line expands every year and close to 14-15 million iPad units are sold annually making it one of the top grossing products for the technology giants Apple. But when it comes to repairs, a lot of these iPads that are not under warranty do not come back to Apple for repair – the reason is simple, the huge cost that it takes for a layman to get anything repaired. Whether it is the screen or the battery, Apple repairs are costly and that’s why people opt for extended repair services, which are top-notch and better than the local repair options that are available around them.

To understand how difficult it is to find the right Apple iPad repair service, you just have to Google iPad repair near me or anything like that and you will find tons of options available but not all of them will help you the way you want to take help for your broken device. Apple repairs must be done by certified experts only and you must take special care while choosing whom to get it replaced from.

Thus, we have a list of things you must keep in mind before ultimately giving your iPad for repair:

1. Check What’s Wrong & Be Double-Sure

Yes, it is very important to know what’s wrong with your device before giving it away to a third-party repair service. iPad repairs can be finicky and you must check the shortcomings. Usually even diagnosing a problem can force you to spend money if you’re visiting the Apple Store, so you can contact a local repair or someone trustworthy to find out what’s wrong with your iPad.

2. Find Options & Don’t Reserve Your Searches

While you’re at it, you will contact a few hits and a few misses. Then you will have to decide from those hit choices which ones are the best for your iPad repair requirement. The top options will be promoted by Google and other search engines so you can try making searches on different search engines to make sure you are picking a reliable and trustworthy repair option. Usually reading Google reviews and talking to your peers can also help you go towards a reliable option. Dodgy shops and local stores are an absolute no-no, so make sure you don’t go in that direction.

3. Backup Your Data

Yes, often you won’t remember this or play it down when you need an urgent repair but make sure you’re backing up your data. If your device is unresponsive and a backup cannot be taken then you must try to ask your repair service to ensure they take a backup for you. Yes, this is a common practice and you can very well demand for your data to be protected though sometimes a severe damage to the motherboard might kill your data or make it impossible to recover it.

Often a lot of iPad repairs are successful yet people are not able to retrieve their old data so you are always on the verge of losing your data when you’re opting for a complete repair. Thus, it is always advisable to store all your data in your drive or iCloud service.

4. Types of Repairs Available

There are types of repairs available for certain models when it comes to iPad repair. That’s because certain parts are easily available and can be procured for a lower cost while many parts are expensive and you have to pay more for such a repair.

There are OEM parts and then there are locally-procured parts. OEM are originally Apple manufactured parts thus they’re legit and will help your device maintain its performance making it usable for years to come. On the other end, not all locally-procured parts are bad but it is about the fit and the performance it will give in coordination with the other parts of your iPad. OEM parts fix better and are easy to assemble within the original framework.

5. Costing Including GST

Getting a proper invoice can help you save from frauds, can help you get back to the repair service in case the problem persists post the repair. A proper invoice will always include the GST levied on your repair. This shows that your repair service centre is legitimate and has the right licence to fix your Apple device.

So always ensure you’re asking for a proper bill or regret later.

6. Repair Requirements & TAT

Check with your repair store what other requirements they have before availing their repair service and also ask them the overall time it will take from the time your device is picked up to the time it returns back to your doorsteps. This is a necessary question to ask because a lot of times promises are made and then the repair gets delayed causing problems and limitations. Make sure that’s not the case with you because timeliness is a key to getting the right iPad repair.

7. Finally – Mode of Pickup

And about TAT or turn around time, ask them how they will ensure a pickup if you’re not located in the same city. And what extra costs will be involved for sending the device to them. These are important questions to be asked beforehand to ensure not getting into any confusion or argument later on.

Make sure you are checking with them in advance so you match the requirements and can pack your device properly to reach them in the condition it is. Ensuring there is no further damage in transit is the key. You must pay emphasis to that part.

There are probably other questions people have when they’re sending their devices for repair but a legit and transparent iPad repair service will give you the ease of choosing your way of reaching them and handling your device. They will also ask you to follow most, if not, of the above mentioned precautions so your device is safe when it reaches them and also in mint condition on its way back to you.

Get the right Apple repair service to your doorstep – you don’t have to blink twice when you let the experts handle your device with care. Contact them today and get rid of those blurry lines, bulging batteries, or other technical problems.