Yaaman – zipline Park has launched a new entertainment service – Jamaica zipline tour. It is a long zipline tour. The flight is a descent on a sturdy steel rope using a chairlift system attached to a roller block. The cord is stretched horizontally, with a slight height difference. As a result, the movement of the passenger occurs only under the action of gravity.feinsmecker strømper vm 1986 trøje teplakova suprava modré sandály na podpatku vm 1986 trøje ribstol elan mads nørgaard taske ribstol elan vm 1986 trøje pánský náhrdelník kůže zub ribstol elan vm 1986 trøje feinsmecker strømper mads nørgaard taske mads nørgaard taske

The natural “sag” of the rope allows for a reduction in the sclaudie pierlot outlet sgrassatore chanteclair carrozzeria auto sgrassatore chanteclair carrozzeria auto casio model calculator mi box s update balenciaga sinners hoodie ecco herrenschuhe braun asu football jersey selected frakke brun superfit galaxy ecco herrenschuhe braun balenciaga sinners hoodie rosenthal landscape superfit galaxy věšák na klíče domeček peed of human movement when approaching the finish platform. The brake is an automatic system that operates on the principle of the inertial coil with reverse force. The device provides soft and comfortable braking: it smoothly dampens the movement of the roller block on the cable.

History of its appearance is associated with the need to organize the movement of people and goods from point A to point B on rough terrain and in mountainous areas. The sports and entertainment character of the crossing has already been acquired in the present time.

The Jamaica zipline tour is open to romantics and lovers

Tourists are not indifferent and understand that there are few wilderness areas untouched by asphalt and concrete left in the world. There is an also Zipline in Jamaica.

Yaaman Adventure Park has several parallel lines. As a result, two people can fly simultaneously at arm’s length. In addition, a multi-point seat ensures safety on the route with a deep recline:

  • The leg straps prevent the legs from releasing in the seated position, extending forward, backward, or upward.

  • Two lower straps additionally protect against tipping back.

  • Finally, the instructor adjusts the tightened vertical shoulder straps to the client’s height. They additionally secure the body and are redundant.

  • The horizontal chest harness can be used for taller passengers.

  • A qualified person will adjust the harness and seat individually before each passenger starts.

There are also horizontal harness systems in the arsenal. The person is strapped in a horizontal position. He can fly like a bird.

Technical certificates of conformity for blocks, chains, shackles, rigging, turnbuckles, screw rope clamps, and other equipment are available on request.

Visitors must familiarize themselves with the safety instructions and rules of conduct when using the service. Trolling down is possible only after reading the document, consent, and signature in the official logbook.

Buggy or ATV’s Adventure Tour – another fun activity at Yaaman Park

Modern and powerful buggies, Yaaman Park, has specially prepared for you versatile vehicles that are perfect for all driving styles!

Want to get away from the chase and feel like Mad Max? Overcome the off-road adrenaline drive through the mud and sand, and be faster than your competitors! Pass the track entering at full speed into steep and prevent sharp skids.

Want to admire the scenery, calmly and relaxed overcome off-road? Easy! The buggy will comfortably take you through beautiful scenery as well as the bumpy roads of Jamaica. Perfect for traveling with the kids!

There are also quad bikes for those who love a real off-road drive and adventure. Do you want to break in and conquer the water frontier or fly over a challenging route? Finally, Yaaman Park has powerful four-wheel-drive ATVs for those who love extreme rides.

Especially for you, Yaaman offers challenging trails in beautiful surroundings that will let you feel the limits of your abilities. Professional instructors will instruct or quickly teach you how to operate a powerful ATV.