1.Meet the Easel Manufacturer Extraordinaire

JDY Cultural Suqian JDY Cultural Articles Co., Ltd. isn’t just an ordinary easel manufacturer. As a devoted factory, we excel in crafting artistic masterpieces. Our diverse range of art essentials comprises of everything from the finest stretched canvases and canvas rolls to appealing paint-by-numbers kits and reliable stretcher bars. Meticulously crafted using imported pine wood, our frames are a work of art. We also ensure the delicacy of our texture with a base coat of pure white acrylic acid primer. As a testament to our quality, all our products are non-toxic, odorless, and designed to withstand the test of time.

2. Expanding Artistic Horizons with our Wholesale Easel Stand Our Wholesale Easel Stand business isn’t just a commercial venture.

Easel Manufacturer
Easel Manufacturer

It’s a promise of facilitating creative expression. We understand that every artist is unique and their needs are diverse. Therefore, our Stretched Canvas is available in various shapes, from hearts to triangles to pentagons and more. We even ensure the durability of our canvas with state-of-the-art mortise and tenon structures, thereby maintaining the canvas’s shape and color. With a production capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 pieces daily, we cater to the broad spectrum of creative needs flawlessly.

3. JDY Cultural


The Premier Easel Stand Manufacturer What sets us apart as a top-tier easel stand manufacturer is our commitment to excellence and innovation. A perfect showcase is our Portable Lightweight Multicolor Alloy Easel for Painting. This cutting-edge aluminum alloy easel is a breakthrough for artists seeking an ideal blend of convenience and performance. Regardless of whether you’re an outdoor sketch artist or an en plein air painter, our easel guarantees to be a reliable ally in your creative expedition.

4. Wholesale Easel Stand


A Game-Changer for Artists Our Wholesale Easel Stand offers more than just functionality; it’s a platform for artists to showcase their talent to the world. We ensure our easels are not just tools but companions for the artist’s journey. The aluminum alloy easel available from our wholesale collection is lightweight and offers easy portability. Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) starts from 1000 pieces, ensuring that both small and large scale businesses can access quality art essentials at reasonable prices.

5. Global Reach with a Local Touch


JDY Cultural’s Easel Stand As a globally recognized easel stand manufacturer, JDY Cultural offers high-quality easels suited for diverse environments. Our colored easel stands, available in black, pink, and rose gold, are meticulously designed to fit into any artistic setup seamlessly. We efficiently ship our products worldwide, aiming to provide a robust platform for artists globally. Our commitment to quality and our global reach have made us a trustworthy companion for artists and art institutions worldwide. JDY Cultural is not just an easel manufacturer; we are an institution built on the cornerstone of creativity, quality, and excellence. Our Wholesale Easel Stand business is our commitment to every artist worldwide, aiming to provide them with artistic essentials that inspire creativity and fuel artistic expression.