Are you tired of the usual store-bought almond milk options? It’s time to discover “Addjoi,” a fresh and innovative approach to almond milk.


At Addjoi, they believe in simplicity and purity, and this philosophy is beautifully embodied in their Almond Milk Base.


This almond milk base, made purely from blanched almonds, offers a versatile solution to your daily plant milk needs.


Whether you’re a vegan, lactose intolerant, or simply love the taste of almond milk, the JOI Milk Base is a game-changer.


It allows you to create fresh, homemade almond milk in seconds, just by blending with water. The best part? You get to control the thickness and texture, making your “JOI milk” as creamy or as light as you desire.


But the versatility of JOI’s Almond Milk Base doesn’t stop at beverages.


Its smooth consistency and neutral taste make it an excellent ingredient for vegan baking, cooking, and even in your morning smoothies. The possibilities are endless – from creamy sauces and delicious soups to indulgent desserts.


One of the standout features of this almond milk base is its clean label.


With no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients, it’s as natural as it gets. This not only ensures a fresh taste but also aligns with a healthy lifestyle.


Plus, it’s environmentally friendly. By making your almond milk on demand, you reduce packaging waste and contribute to a more sustainable planet.


Moreover, the Almond Milk Base is incredibly economical.


One jar makes up to 7 quarts of almond milk, offering great value for money. And with a long shelf life, you can always have some on hand for whenever the need arises.


Add JOI brings a revolutionary approach to almond milk with its Almond Milk Base. It’s time to elevate your almond milk experience and enjoy the taste of freshly made, wholesome, and delicious plant milk right at home.