The July birthstone, the ruby, is renowned as one of the most treasured and precious gems in history and has made it onto the crowns of kings and queens staying true to its meaning “kingly”. Born deep within the earth, rubies come in an array of pinkish red hues that are known to be sourced from just a handful of mines throughout Asia.

This gemstone is known for its driving energy frequently used for support during emotional and spiritual journeys and for increasing clarity, focus and abundance. Intrinsically linked to wealth, health and love; rubies boast tremendous powers embodying energy related to power, passion, strength and protection. Symbolizing courage, nobility and success; donning a ruby gem is sure to fill any wearer with energy when they need it most inspiring them to others.

History And Origin Of The Birthstone Ruby

The birthstone Ruby has a long history rooted in ancient civilizations. Its name is derived from the Latin ‘ruber’, meaning red. It was thought to protect its wearer from harm and bad luck and many believed that if held beneath their tongue they would be able to foretell the future.

It became particularly popular during the Renaissance – when European aristocracy would adorn themselves with luxurious gem encrusted items of jewelry, considering the gem to represent power and success. Since then, it is still one of the most sought-after precious stones for jewelry makers.

Ruby and Wealth: Ruby is the stone of Wealth and Prosperity

The Ruby is often known as the stone of wealth and prosperity due to its deep red color, representing vitality and vigor. In ancient traditions, rubies were thought to bring power and spiritual wisdom, making them desirable commodities throughout history. Many professionals believe that wearing a ruby may attract luck through energy channels, allowing those who possess them access to greater wealth.

However, they must be worn or carried appropriately in order to draw the most benefit from their power. Also associated with love and passion, the ruby is believed to promote fidelity between two people, thereby creating a strong foundation on which one can create more financial stability. Ultimately, understanding the profound nature of this gemstone can provide lasting benefit for your finances as well as your relationships with others.

What are the different colors of rubies?

Rubies come in a variety of colors, ranging from light pinkish to purplish red. The level of saturation and hue of each stone differs from one to the next, and its color can range from pink-orange to deep red with different levels of intensity. Color zoning is common among rubies, and it is defined by differences in hue or tone within the same stone.

In some rare cases, specimens may have secondary tones such as orange or purple hues present within their spectrum. Furthermore, natural rubies often show fluorescence that adds depth and unique beauty to the stones’ appearance. It should be noted that treatments like heat treatment or flux healing are commonly applied to enhance the vividness of rubies.


Many people believe that wearing their birthstone can change their luck. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, birthstones are thought to have special powers that can bring good fortune to the wearer. Some believe that birthstones can protect against negative energy, while others believe that they can attract positive energy.

The Ruby has long been celebrated as the ideal stone to represent the heart of July. Its presence in crystal and jewelry form is enough to suggest that its color – a deep red hue – symbolizes passion and love, both of which are associated with expressions of kindness, loyalty and appreciation. It also stands for courage and strength, as well as fertility and prosperity, making it an ideal piece to represent one of the peak summer months. With its ruby-red hue radiating during this vibrant season, the stone can be a powerful reminder that beauty is all around us.