The June birthstone pearl, also known as the gem of the moon, is a timelessly elegant symbol associated with purity and protection. With its abundance in nature, pearls have been worn and treasured since ancient times due to their delicate and beautiful appearance. Pearls come in a variety of natural shades ranging from opalescent white and pinkish-white to creamy yellow or gold.

Pearls are perfect for those born in the sixth month, as they represent tranquility, calmness and inner strength. Their richness of symbolism goes beyond just being a birthstone – once believed to be forcefully extracted from dragons within the depths of the sea, pearls now embody prosperity, friendship, peace and luck for those who wear them.

How are pearls grown?

Pearls are formed from the organic secretion of a mollusk that creates a protective layer around foreign matter it finds and encases it within its shell. Cultured pearls are formed when humans intervene in this process by inserting a nucleus into a host mollusk and then introducing in some cases an irritant usually made of shell. The mantle layers begin to shimmer and over time the tiny particles of shell form into the classic shape known as a pearl.

To create larger and better-formed pearls, the process often includes rotating them so they grow uniformly over months or even years. Though they do occur naturally, most of today’s pearls come from pearl farms where precise scientific methods are used to care for the mollusks and ensure the highest quality for their output.

Why is pearl a loved gem?

Pearls are universally loved and cherished because of their unique yet classic beauty, versatility, and timelessness. They can be worn as simple strand necklaces or huggie earrings or take many other forms such as rings or pendants due to their versatile shapes. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of colors, sizes and types that make them perfect for both formal and daily wear.

Pearls have also been regarded as a symbol of wisdom, purity, faithfulness and spiritual transformation which further adds to their sentimentality throughout the world. Being luxurious yet affordable compared to other gemstones also makes them one of the most desired jewelry pieces for everyday occasions. With an unmatched aura surrounding it, there is no doubt that pearl will always be a beloved gem across generations.

Interesting stories and tales about pearls

Pearls have captivated many throughout the ages with their shinning beauty and mystical qualities. There are various myths, tales and folklore that accompany pearls, adding to their mystique. For example, Ancient Greek historians recall a story of how the beautiful, white gems were created from drops of the dew that was weeping from the eyes of a Grecian God. In India and China it’s been said that pearls symbolize good luck and prosperity and can also help ward off evil spirits.

Even in some African tribes jewelry containing pearls is considered sacred and equated to healing powers. These interesting stories demonstrate why pearls have been so highly valued throughout history, continuously inspiring fascination for them today.