The Kaabo USA team is focused on supporting the mission of Kaabo to bring innovative and exciting electric transportation to the United States. The USA branch has partnered with the Kaabo world-wide following to reach our rapidly growing United States community.

The warrior 11 has been designed to be the ultimate in electric mobility. The 1100 watt brushless twin motors deliver serious acceleration, with a top speed over 40 mph.

It also boasts a very generous range. With a 60V-35AH superior large battery from LG/Samsung, this scooter can go as far as 93 miles on one charge!

A bike-grade horn makes it easy for you to tell people where you are going and is ideal for alerting pedestrians. However, to make the horn more effective in traffic you should consider adding a bell.

DISC brakes are included on the warrior 11, which provide a strong and reliable braking system that can easily stop you from getting hurt in high speed city street accidents. They are not perfect, as they can get noisy and squeal when you come to a stop, but they are excellent for crowded streets and sudden deceleration from speed.

E-scooters are a fantastic way to reduce traffic congestion, save on fuel costs, and be environmentally friendly. In addition to being affordable, they are incredibly convenient and easy to ride.

The warrior 11 has been designed to be the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the full range of a high performance electric scooter without breaking the bank. It features a powerful 60V-35AH superior battery from LG/Samsung, which provides great range and an impressive power-to-weight ratio.