Kapwing is a simple and straightforward online editor for videos, images, and GIFs. Many users, from teachers to marketers, rely on this tool to visualize their messages in the most engaging way possible. Also, the tool is easy to use and has every basic editor you need in an online editor, making it even more appealing for users at all editing levels.

For marketers, Kapwing can be a go-to editing tool for crafting engaging social videos. Even without any basic editing skills, this tool provides features that can help you to create stunning social media videos effortlessly.

Here are some Kapwing essential features you can use to craft thumb-stopping, professional-looking social videos.

1) Text Overlay

Do you know that more than 85% of Facebook videos are watched without any sound? That’s why most users’ feeds are now inundated with short social videos that feature text or captions narrating what’s being shown on screen.

With the text overlay feature, Kapwing can help you add customizable text/captions directly to your video so users understand what your video is all about without having to turn the sound on.

2) Thumbnail Maker

When you host your social videos on YouTube, you must understand that thumbnails play such an important part. The tiny image is the first thing the users see when they find your video on their feeds. So, you have to make it catchy and clickable.

Kapwing provides you with a YouTube thumbnail maker and ready-to-use templates that allow you to create your own perfectly-sized thumbnails. Apart from Kapwing, there are so many AI tools for brand growth that you can use to create the perfect thumbnail. Make sure you use based on your preferences.

3) Speed Adjustment

Video speed is such an important element in creating social videos. Fast motion can bring excitement to your videos and slow motion helps emphasize scenes.

Kapwing allows you to adjust your video speed so you create a specific tone or even mood on your social videos. You can make compelling slo-mo, timelapse, and hyperspeed social videos with less hassle.

4) Add Audio

Narrated social videos take center stage in social media. Instead of using dialog from actors, many marketers rely on voice-over to tell their stories, give tutorials, and demonstrate products. 

When your voice-over matches the visuals, it can even reinforce an idea you’ve illustrated and give the video more power. On Kapwing, you can add and upload your own audio to the video. The tool also provides you with a built-in audio recorder so you can directly record your voice-overs and add them in.

5) Custom Fonts

When you use social videos to showcase your brand personality and strengthen your branding, you need to use custom fonts. In this case, Kapwing allows you to upload your custom fonts and add them to your videos. You can add .ttf or .otf font files to your videos with only a few clicks.

6) Social Sharing

Nothing is more complicated than having to download your videos after you finish editing them and uploading them again to social media platforms. With Kapwing, you can easily share the social videos you just created using the tool on multiple popular social media platforms (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, etc.). This feature is definitely time-saving, especially when you create and upload social videos regularly.


If you’re ready to visualize your ideas into engaging, bite-sized social media videos, you can start editing them using Kapwing. It’s quick and easy to use.