Ashan explains the difficulties Katha faced while working on the project; she treated it like her kid. He confronts her over leaving her son behind for Viaan. In addition to Viaan, his business partner, Ashan’s boyhood pal Ashan played on sand heaps on a building site. A year after the building was finished, he and Viaan were admitted as architects. Viaan stopped lying and developed into a more spontaneous, upright, and realist person. Everyone has experienced the effects of seeing his side.

Ashan and Katha both refer to themselves as donkeys. He catches her eye and tells her that Katha is the reason the project is still going. She should give him and Earthcon another chance because they won’t disappoint, he begs. When Ashan answers the phone, the caller is informed that Katha is with her Katha Ankahee.

When Katha inquires, Ashan replies that Viaan is on his way. Katha stands up to go. Ashan begs her to give them one more chance since they want to resolve the issue amicably. Amrita, with whom Katha spoke, can also resolve issues with Viaan. Katha is seated by him. Viaan walks in. Ashan seats him as well and places a black coffee order. Viaan declines to drink coffee.

Both Katha and Viaan are fixated on each other. Ashan implores them to speak and to lose their guard. He is unable to mediate because he is unaware of what transpired between them, but there is a chance that it can be settled. Ashan is halted for a moment by Viaan. He tears apart Katha’s letter of resignation and says they need to go back to work.

Ashan begs Katha to let go of the past and gives her the assurance that Viaan values her and her abilities. He asks for whisky on the rocks. He is told by the waiter that there is only coffee and tea available here. Ashan, feeling let down, gets the nicest mocktail for Katha and a black coffee for Viaan.
Katha chides the lollipops for barking excessively because she needs to leave for work. As Katha gets dressed, she laments about Ashan and Viaan having opposite personalities. Lollipop barks at her for leaving as she serves him food to say goodbye.

Katha arrives at the workplace with a basket with a lollipops inside. After putting the basket inside her cabin, she goes to get a coffee for herself. When Lollipop enters the office from outside, some employees play with him while others object since they are allergic to dogs. When Katha returns, the lollipops are nowhere to be found. She looks for it and then asks a staff member about it. He says the dog escaped upstairs.

A puppy was on his desk when Viaan entered his workplace. He remarks that it’s a welcome surprise and wonders who brought him here. To get him back to his master, Viaan playsfully carries him downstairs. Because he is respected in this office, he asks the dog not to urinate on him. Viaan demands that the dog’s owner come forward or else he will take him home. Viaan was about to take the dog back, but Katha claimed it instead. Everyone plays with the dog. It’s up to her now, Viaan. She apologises for bringing it to work because she doesn’t have anyone to watch it at home. She took him home after discovering him on a street. Katha promises not to let it happen again.

She understands stary creatures, which Viaan enjoys because so few people do. He is aware of a few organisations that look after animals. Katha cannot afford them; if Viaan permits, she will have an office lad look after her dog today. With no problems, Viaan requests his name. Viaan plays with the canine Viaan named “lollipop.” Both of them returned to their offices. When Viaan turns around, Katha is interacting with her dog and playing. When Katha discovers Viaan staring at her, she tells Lollipop that without his adorable face, Viaan would have eaten them alive today.

Katha is welcomed back to the workplace by Jeetu. Ashan looks at Katha. Beginning the meeting is Ashan. The speaker of the numbers and questions Katha clearance notices they required from Dubai municipality is cut off by Viaan. Katha received unanimous approval a week ago. 50% of the raw materials, says Jeetu, have arrived in Dubai. When Viaan sees Jeetu, he stops him and asks Katha about the photos of the construction site.

Like Katha previously mentioned, he doesn’t want to lose the historic significance of the original structure. Katha carefully thought over the design so that it would preserve the past, especially the Ayats. Katha is studying Arabic in order to verify authenticity. Everybody loves Katha. Viaan stands up to examine the book. Viaan observes Katha hesitating as she leans back.