High grade wood is used for the plywood’s face. The majority of face veneer for plywood in India is imported from other nations. Gurjan face veneer, okoume face veneer, keruing face veneer traders, etc. are a few of the most well-liked options. These facial veneers are available in grades AA, A, B, C, D, and E. A face veneer of higher quality is thicker and more costly. Better quality face veneer is used to make tougher, more expensive plywood that resembles wood veneer. Comparable MR alternative plywood with a C grade okoume face is less costly. MR alternate plywood with an AA gurjan face is more expensive.

Can plywood waterproof or not

Instead of urea formaldehyde resin, Waterproof/Marine plywood uses pricey, undiluted phenolic resin to glue the cores together. This in turn drives up plywood prices or costs.

Please look for these things if you find that one seller is charging you more for the identical sort of plywood. Is it true that plywood uses high-grade face veneer and superior timber for the core? If not, the merchant is requesting a premium.