ERP systems can help your business eliminate operational inefficiencies, disjointed data and systems, and poor departmental communication. However, the main question is: which ERP system will fit your business process, ambitions, and organization’s size?

To maximize a revenue supporting process is illogical as it will take effort away from revenue-generating business processes. – Bill Curtis

The purpose of the enterprise resource planning system is to provide the business or organization with information that affects their decisions and return on investment. Different ERPs are needed by organizations depending on their needs. ERP systems that continue to have a significant effect on enterprises include:

  • Sage3
  • SAP
  • Business Cloud Essentials
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Odoo

Let’s compare the two well-known ERP systems, SAP and Odoo, both ERP platform helps organizations to grow and maintain their Return on Investment.

Odoo ERP v/s SAP ERP Software Solutions

Odoo ERP software solution is an open-source framework with power-packed management solutions suitable for small to large enterprise resource planning.

SAP ERP software solution is a mid-market helping small and medium businesses automate their finance, human resources, business analysis, and productivity.

odoo vs sap

SAP is one of the largest ERP software providers and is also mature enough to deal with the most complicated scenarios, but on the other hand, it is not flexible enough to handle complex workflow customizations.

SAP ERP Software easily deals with the most complicated scenarios, but it is not flexible to handle complex workflow customizations.

On the other hand, Odoo is a better alternative to handle the complex requirements of the enterprise.

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