Planning a great trip to the US state is not only about visiting the beautiful beaches & enjoying food etc. Apart from all these, there are some other ways to explore your trip along with your family. You can pay a visit to the Harry Potter World Florida: Secrets for the true fan & have fun.

Usually, while flying to the country, the passengers like to have detailed research about it. On the other side, the Copa Airlines Group Travel desk provides you with the best inflight services & exclusive deals.

List of the secret destinations to visit :

  1. Universal Park:

Before entering the magical world of Harry Potter in the state, you should know about the two theme parks. The visitors will not at all have any issues while finding them as they are located next to each other. Moreover, Dragon Alley is marked at the Universal studios theme park, followed by the Hogsmeade at the adventure islands.

You can visit here on the weekends & enjoy your whole day. However, it’s not a normal place to explore. The commuters can get the best experience as well as get to know about several things—a perfect place to celebrate your weekend along with your family.

  1. Best Accommodations:

After travelling around the whole day, it’s quite important to look for the best hotels & resorts to stay in. Well, about 8 Universal Orlando resorts are offering the customers the best facilities. The following resorts are known as Portofino bay hotel, Hard rock hotel, Loews royal pacific resort, Aventura hotel & Universal’s cabana bay beach hotel, and many more.

The customers can make their entries to these amazing parks & resorts an hour earlier than anyone on selected days.

  1. Universal Express Pass:

While the travellers make their presence in these resorts, you are eligible to get a bonus. You can get a Universal Express ride access to the rooms with 5 per person as well as the cardholders can skip the regular ques. Moreover, they can get to the express line. However, the express pass is not authorised for some new attractions. The Escape follows the forbidden journey to Gringotts as these are named among some of the popular attractions. These are Hagrid’s magical adventures.

Although, these are the best ways to explore the trip in unique ways. The customers should know about the park passes as they are about $89 per person. So, it’s suggested to spend your money on the best Universal Orlando hotels.

  1. Visit the Diagon Alley:

It is considered among the best & renowned parks in the Harry Potter world of Florida. There are multiple areas you can move around & well designed with an innovative glass roof. These things provide you with an incomparable experience and your loved ones. However, you can also opt for the Harry Potter ride, which is the only ride in the Diagon Alley.

If you want to enjoy the ride, it’s quite better to reach here as early as possible & enjoy your whole day. After the ride, you can move around & learn about the different themes as well as other details.

  1. More secret locations:

As the visitors make their way outside the great Alley, you can somehow hear the bricks moving. In addition, you can connect to the ministry of magic from a phone booth located outside the king cross. Although, these things have nothing related to the Harry Potter world. However, you can stay on the line and send direct messages from the ministry.

Here, the travellers can enjoy having some fun and trying to use the telephone, holding it &, etc. You can knock at the door of 12 Grimmauld Place & look precisely upwards; there, you will find elf Kreacher looking for who is outside.

  1. Tips for Hogsmeade:

After visiting both parks, the worldwide visitors will get a bit partial about this one.

Commuters can enjoy the motorbike adventure. Moreover, you can get up a bit early as well as be the first one to participate in these activities. After, sometimes the travellers can approach these rides as the park gets open. But, still, there are some hidden locations you will feel to watch out for.

On the other side, it will offer you several things that are quite amazing & filled with uncounted surprises. Well, either being on the motor rides or in the sidecar, however, it’s about a 3 minutes ride through the Forbidden forest.

  1. Best food:

While from morning to evening travelling through the parks & getting yourself with all the fascinating wonders is quite interesting. But, numerous things are waiting for you. Somehow, the visitors can head to the Broomsticks, where you get the best food at the HogsmeadeWestJet Group Travel provide you with the best in-flight services & makes your journey remarkable.

Moreover, the next place on the adjacent side is the Hog’s Head Tavern, where you can enjoy the traditional American beer. If you don’t want to grab a bite, then this is another way to have some other snacks.


You just have to board the best flight & land in Florida to enjoy the best trip of your life. However, the readers can get through the entire blog to have in-depth details about the secrets of the Harry Potter world. Here you will get some interesting things to know & that can make your journey more commendable. Now, wasting more time pack all your stuff & fly.