Software is a program or a collection of applications that automate the manual process of any work. In short, they act as a catalyst only need the command for initiating. With time we are making our life easier by developing Software for almost every process. With the birth of Artificial Intelligence, even a non-specialist can understand the importance of Software in the present.

As the benefits of software programming are not limited to any particular field, today, every organization is running behind automation. And it is seen that while developing Software for procuring the need, we are in a dilemma where to invest in getting the expected results.

Here we are publishing the top 10 Software Development Companies to be consulted before Custom Software development for the best-optimized results.

  1. Fingent:An enterprise software development company with its headquarter in New York and various branches across the globe. With 300+ resources, Fingent has worked with 500+ enterprises on multiple projects, including startup and corporates, and played the role of business advisor for 150+ multinationals.

Services: Software Development, Web app development, Mobile app development, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Hybrid App Development, Cross Platform app development, Digital Marketing.

Pay: 50$ – 99$/Hr

Email ID: [email protected]

Phone No: +1 914 615 9170

  1. MavenWave:An innovative Digital Transformation company, Mavenwave is one of the leading software companies known to provide a top-notch software solution to various enterprises, including startup. Established in 2008, it is located in Chigaco & India with a strength of 550+.

Services: Software Development, Cloud & Mobile App Development, Data Analytics & Machine Learning, Cloud Computing & Mobile App Development .

Pay: 50$ – 99$/Hr

Email ID: [email protected]

Phone No: +1 312 878 4100

  1. Seasia Infotech:A CMMI level 5 software development company New York. Seasia Infotech was established in 2000. With 19+ years of experience and 1000+ employees, they are expertise in Blockchain, AIML, and Cloud computing. With its headquarter in California, USA, they also extend their services to the united kingdom, Australia, Canada & India. With a rate of 100% customer satisfaction, Seasia is known for its Client retention techniques and methodologies.

Services: Custom Software Development, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Serverless Architecture, Blockchain Application, Digital Marketing.

Pay: 25$ – 50$

Strength: 500 – 1000

Email ID [email protected]

Phone No : +1 800 310 7037

  1. Eleks:Expertise in Cloud, Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning Eleks provides software engineering and consultancy services to more than 500+ companies, including enterprises and technology challengers. Having a handful of branded clients like TAIT, Aramex, Corax, etc. Eleks rank 3rd in our list.

Services: Software Development, App Development, POC Development, Cloud Migration, Quality Assurance, Cloud Migration, Application re-engineering, Data Science, IOT, Blockchain.

Pay: 50$ – 99$/Hr

Strength: 1000 – 9999

Phone No: +1 702 919 6222

  1. Xicom:It is one of the Veteran Software development company with an experience of 17+ years. Founded in 2002, Xicom has worked for more than 1500+ clients across the globe. Their field of expertise includes IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud computing. Providing a quality software solution is the potential of Xicom.

Services: Software Development, Web Development, Mobile app development, IT Consulting Services, Quality Assurance & Testing.

Pay: 25$ – 35$/Hr

Strength: 250 – 500

Email ID: [email protected]

Phone No:  +1 415 520 3551

  1. Sunflower Lab:Known for incorporating all the latest technological trends and tactics, Sunflower Lab develope one of the most elegant automation solutions in the USA. Recognized as a top software development company by the Software world, Mobile app daily, and the Clutch, it is gaining popularity and considered as the first choice of many clients.

Services: Customer Software Development, Responsive Web Development, Mobile app development, Voice Assistant, Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Cloud Development.

Pay: 50$ – 99$/Hr

Strength: 50 – 300

Phone No:  +1 614 664 7674

  1. Marlabs:Founded in 1996, it is headquartered in the USA and also provides services in Canada, Germany, and India. With a handful of resources of 10000+ Marlabs expertise in various domains, including Digital Automation, AI and Cognitive Platforms, Enterprise Analytics, Cloud, Digital Security.

Services:  Software Development, Digital Product Engineering, Digital Automation, AI & Cognitive Platforms, Enterprise Analytics, Cloud Digital Security.

Pay: Undisclosed

Strength: 1000 – 9999

Phone No:  +1 732 465 0100

Email ID: [email protected]

  1. IFlexion:With an experience of 20+ years, IFlexion provides straight forward solutions to complex business challenges. Founded in 1999, they have worked for more than 500+ companies, including enterprise clients like Adidas, eBay, Phillips, xerox, etc. Consisting of a group of 850+ IT professional it is one of the leading software development company.

Services:  Enterprise Software Development, Web App  Development, Mobile App Development, Application Integration & Security, QA & Testing.

Pay: 25$ – 49$/Hr

Strength: 250 – 999

Phone No:  +1 720 207 0369

Email ID: [email protected]

  1. Qburst:They provide full-stack software development packages focusing on ongoing technological updates and innovations. They aim to maximize the effectiveness of their client’s businesses by adopting digital technologies. They are expertise in Cloud, Big Data, IoT & AI, and presently lead from US, Europe, Middle East, & India.

Services:  Software Development, Web App  Development, Mobile App Development, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud Migration & Native, Serverless Computing, Salesforce & DevOps.

Pay: 25$ – 49$/Hr

Strength: 1000 – 9999

Phone No:  +1 571 281 2720

  1. Diceus:A renowned software development company headquartered in North America and had sister concerns in Europe, the Middle East, and India. Established in 2009, Diceus was labeled as CMMI level 3 company for its quality, on-time project deliveries, and customer engagement. With a strength of 300+, they had delivered 150+ projects in over 20+ countries. Right now, Diceus is one of the leading Software development firms with the most reliable tech-friendly staff.

Services:  Software Development, Web App  Development, Mobile App Development, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud Migration & Native, Serverless Computing, Salesforce & DevOps.

Pay: 25$ – 49$/Hr

Strength: 50 – 250

Phone No:  +1 703 763 0429

Email ID: [email protected]


Here we have listed the top 10 software development companies of the USA to be considered for development. The primary purpose is to provide the audience an authenticate information of modern tech companies. There were several parameters and methods which we have undergone and followed prior to this final listing, which we hope will be helpful in case you are looking for some software development.

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