Do you know that wastewater treatment is becoming an increasingly important issue for businesses in various industries? With the aim of ensuring that wastewater does not negatively impact the environment, advanced technologies such as Biofilm Carrier and MBR Technology have been widely used. However, are you curious about how they work? Let’s learn more about these advanced wastewater treatment technologies in the following article.

Bể MBR là gì? Cấu tạo và quy trình hoạt động của công nghệ MBR

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Learn about biofilter media – An environmental material commonly used in wastewater treatment

Are you looking for an effective solution to treat biological wastewater in your business? If so, biofilm media is an excellent choice for you. What is biofilm media and what is its role in wastewater treatment? These are common questions that arise when you start to pay attention to this technology.

Biofilm media, also known as biofilter media or biological media, is considered one of the widely used environmental materials in biological wastewater treatment systems. They are used to increase the growth of microorganisms and reduce the area of the treatment system, thereby increasing the wastewater treatment capacity. You can imagine biofilm media as a home for microorganisms, helping them to decompose faster and reduce the amount of microorganisms flowing into the settling tank.

Currently, there are many different types of biofilm media to suit different types of wastewater, including filamentous biofilm media, honeycomb-shaped media, bead-shaped media, and MBBR (moving bed biofilm reactor). So, if you are looking for an effective wastewater treatment solution, consider using biofilm media and learn more about the types of biofilm media that best suit your business needs.

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Learn about MBR membrane filtration technology – A professional wastewater treatment technology

Are you looking into wastewater treatment technology and heard about MBR tanks? MBR stands for Membrane Bio-Reactor, a wastewater treatment technology that uses a biological filtration system with a membrane. This means that the wastewater is sent to the MBR tank, and through the filtration process, sludge is separated and kept in the filter while the treated water is transferred to the next stage or discharged.

Regarding its advantages, the use of MBR membrane filtration can help eliminate the need for additional settling tanks and reduce the volume of pond sludge, making the project more streamlined, manageable, and maintainable. Furthermore, the MBR technology can improve the biological treatment efficiency, have a long sludge retention time, short hydraulic retention time, no secondary settling, fully automated control process, and easy operational adjustments.

However, a disadvantage of MBR is that the membrane filter often experiences clogging and blockage, and chemicals need to be periodically used to clean the MBR membrane, typically every 6 to 12 months. Nevertheless, with regular care and maintenance, you can keep the system running smoothly and achieve high treatment efficiency. If you need more information about the MBR technology and how to implement it in your wastewater treatment project, we are ready to support you.

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