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Ready mix concrete is a custom-made form of concrete prepared in a batching plant per the standard requirements. It is made especially for a customer’s building project and delivered to the customer on-site as a single product. Because of the quantity that can be manufactured with accuracy in combination proportions and because there is less work on the construction site, ready-mix concrete is prioritized over on-site concrete mixing. Versatility in the supply chain and the concrete’s component units is decreased when a predetermined concrete mixture is used.

It produces a precise mixture, enabling the formation and application of customized mixtures on construction sites.

Types of Ready Mix Concrete

According to how different elements are mixed, ready mix concrete suppliers provide three different varieties as listed below:

1. Transit Mixed Concrete

Because all the essential components, including water, are poured directly into the truck mixer, it is also known as dry-batched concrete. During material loading, the mixer drum rotates quickly at charging speed before continuing to rotate normally at agitation speed. Three different kinds are attainable:

  • Concrete mixed at the job site

The drum is rotated at a slow speed of 2 rpm while being carried to the site, but when it arrives at the location and is just about to discharge the material, it is rotated at a speed of 12 to 15 rpm for roughly 70 to 100 revolutions to ensure homogenous mixing.

  • Concrete mixed in transit

During the transit period, the drum speed is sustained at a moderate 8 rpm for roughly 70 revolutions. It is slowed down to an agitation speed of 2 rpm after 70 rotations in order to release the concrete.

  • Concrete mixed in the yard

In the yard, the drum is rotated at a great velocity of 12 to 15 rpm for around 50 revolutions. The concrete is then gently mixed as it is being transported.

2. Shrink Mixed Concrete

The truck-mounted drum mixer is used to complete the remainder of the mixing after the concrete has been substantially mixed in the plant mixer. This type is provided by various ready mix concrete suppliers at an affordable cost. The quantity of mixing done in the transit mixer depends on how much is performed in the central mixing plant. To determine whether mixing the drum mixer is necessary, tests ought to be carried out.

3. Central Mixed Concrete

The place where concrete is mixed thoroughly before being loaded into the truck mixer is also known as the central batching plant, also called the wet-batch or premix plant, occasionally. The truck mixer solely serves as an agitator when moving the concrete. Non-agitating units or dump trucks can also be employed on occasion when the lead or performance requirements are low.

Primary Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete

Now, let’s see why ready mix concrete has gained immense popularity in recent years and why it is the ideal choice for your construction project:

  1. High Quality

The strength of the mix cannot be completely assured when using conventional concrete, which can lead to considerable contention among building companies. The structural stability of any structure or building can be compromised by using subpar concrete. Thus, high quality concrete must be used to acquire the most outstanding results. Ready mix concrete guarantees quality and uniformity, resulting in stronger, longer-lasting constructions.

It has a lengthy lifespan when contrasted with other alternatives of identical uses, like roads. Compared to asphalt concrete, which has a typical lifespan of 10 to 12 years in locations with similar traffic, it has a usual lifespan of 30 years.

  1. Less Construction Time and Cost

Instead of being mixed on-site, ready mix concrete is prepared specifically to the client’s specifications and is mixed at a plant before being supplied to the client. As a result, there is no waiting for the concrete to mix.

Because the concrete is manufactured to the client’s needs, only specific measurements are employed, which results in minimal material waste and lower concrete costs. Since ready mix concrete is not required to be kept on-site, storage expenses are completely eliminated.

Due to the lack of on-site mixing and the labor-intensive nature of casting concrete, less labor is needed overall. This means less time and money is consumed.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Water, aggregate, and cement are easily obtainable, and their procurement has a smaller environmental impact than other building materials. It is also possible to use or recycle any byproducts of the concrete’s production.

  1. Low Maintenance

Buildings made with concrete will last for many years because of the material’s durability, sturdiness, and stability. Concrete will try to preserve its quality for far longer than other materials, decreasing the necessary expenditure for upkeep. However, there may be some minor cosmetic care required. So, it is advisable to contact professional ready mix concrete suppliers to obtain top-class ready mix concrete for your construction purposes.

Along with low maintenance, you will get the benefit of paying less and purchasing more.

  1. Adaptability

Concrete that is pre-mixed is formulated specifically for each buyer. Thus, this also means that the batch can be made precisely to be utilized in specific portions of a project. It offers versatility and multiple kinds of usage. For instance, a batch might be made to suit the foundations of a pond or be blended to meet the needs of a huge building.

Final Note

Pro-Mix Concrete is one of the top ready mix concrete suppliers in the UK, providing the best services to an extensive range of clients in London. Your ready mix concrete will be the most durable and resilient as it is made under controlled conditions with the best materials available. Since it lasts longer than other types of concrete, it is frequently used in huge construction projects like skyscrapers and highways. Every construction that requires a sturdy and long-lasting material for its base should employ ready mix concrete.