General Overview

Leo natives can expect cordial family relationships during 2024, and you may enjoy a good rapport with friends and relatives. Married couples can look forward to a harmonious life, too. Those who own businesses related to commission and brokerage and dealing with the government could gain more profits and experience an upswing in their finances. You may also gain new friends who may offer monetary help to you. Students may excel in academics and score well in exams. However, be vigilant about your parent’s health now.. Get free horoscope from astroved

Career/ Profession/ Business

People having jobs in the private sector can perform well despite heavy work pressure. They are likely to receive support from their colleagues and complete their tasks on time. This may also earn them appreciation from their superiors. Professionals who work for the government may perform well now. Higher authorities are likely to assign new roles and responsibilities to those working in information technology or related fields, which they will be able to handle well. The months of April, May, and August may be good for businesspersons to invest in import businesses and make more profits. However, people in export-related partnership businesses need to weigh the pros and cons well before making any important decisions about their business partners. Those who own media units could gain more income and adopt new strategies for success. Some employed natives may have minor issues with their superiors in June-July. A free and frank discussion will help resolve such issues.

Love/ Marriage

You may focus on your lover now and try to fulfill their needs; that can improve your bond and increase your intimacy. However, there may be some problems between lovers during July and October. You could lavish gifts like dresses and jewelry to pacify your partner. Also, marriage alliances may fructify for eligible singles, and wedding bells could ring in January, April, or May. Misunderstandings may arise between some newly-wed couples during June. By planning pleasure trips to hill stations or scenic mountainous locations in August or September, they will be able to resolve their differences and restore peace and harmony in their bond.


This year seems to be an ideal period for investing in share markets and earning handsome profits. May, August, and September are especially favorable for stock and share market investments, which may bring good gains. Investing in shares related to oil seed and food industries can benefit you this year. The money flow may increase in February, and expenses will be under control. This will enable you to meet your daily needs with no strain on your finances. Communication instruments like cell phones or wifi could malfunction in October-November, and they may need to be replaced. Hence, try to handle them carefully. You may splurge on buying new dresses, jewelry, and utility items in the months of May and August. Substantial profits may come from speculative games like the lottery, casino, etc., in September. You may take your children on outings to amusement parks in May. Though it can be expensive, your children will be happy and end up having a good time.


School students can fare well in academics through patience and hard work. Those in their final year will have to put in extra effort to ace the examinations. College students doing undergraduate courses may feel distracted. They need to focus on their lessons. Students who wish to pursue journalism courses abroad may get opportunities to study in the country of their choice with scholarships. Those who are appearing for medical entrance examinations may qualify with ease. But, those trying to gain admission to higher studies in reputed institutions may have to make great efforts to pass the admission tests. Research students may have better absorption capacity, and they may complete their research work successfully. January, September, and December can be favorable for those who are taking competitive examinations.


You may get relief from indigestion problems that have been troubling you for long. Avoiding fast food items is essential. Consuming healthy food at the correct intervals and physical exercises can boost your fitness levels. Health may improve in March. Your father may develop eye ailments in October. He should see a doctor in the initial stage itself and get proper treatment. Your mother may have joint problems in the leg. Proper treatment can give relief. Everyone in the family should eat nutritious food, which can protect them from diseases. Your children may suffer from colds and fevers in January and December.

Home Remedies

∙ Donate milk for Abishekam to Shiva Linga on Sundays at a Shiva temple and offer prayers, which will be good for you.
∙ Pradosham worship can benefit you.
∙ Chant Aditya Hrudaya Stothram daily.
∙ Observe Vrat on Sundays. Consume fruits and vegetables only once during the day. This may bring success in all endeavors.
∙ Wear red-colored clothes on Sundays.

The Sun Pooja

Favorable Months
January, April, May, August, September, December

Unfavorable Months
February, March, June, July, October, November