Life can be full of struggles and challenges, but motivational quotes can provide us with the inspiration we need to keep pushing forward. Here are some of the best “Life Struggle Motivational Quotes in Hindi” translated into English:

  1. “Agar aapki aukaat se zyada sapne na ho, toh aapki zindagi bhi aukaat se zyada nahi hogi.” (If your dreams are not bigger than your capabilities, then your life won’t be bigger than your capabilities.)
  2. “Kabhi kabhi zindagi me safar khud hi manzil hota hai.” (Sometimes, the journey itself becomes the destination in life.)
  3. “Jab tak tum apne aap se haar nahi maante, tab tak koi tumhe haar nahi pahucha sakta.” (Until you give up on yourself, no one can defeat you.)
  4. “Zindagi me ek hi baar haarna nahi hota, har din nayi chunautiyan aati rehti hai.” (You don’t lose only once in life, every day presents new challenges.)
  5. “Jitna bhi mushkil ho, himmat kabhi nahi haarni chahiye.” (No matter how difficult the situation may be, one should never lose hope.)
  6. “Kamyabi ke peeche bhagne se nahi, apni mehnat aur lagan se hi kamyabi milti hai.” (Success is not achieved by running after it, it is attained through hard work and dedication.)
  7. “Kamiyaab wo hota hai jo apne sapno ke peeche daudta hai, haar nahi maanta.” (Success is achieved by those who chase their dreams and never give up.)
  8. “Sapne wo nahi hote jo sote waqt aate hai, sapne wo hote hai jo sone nahi dete.” (Dreams are not those that come to us while we sleep, dreams are those that never let us sleep.)

In conclusion, these Struggle Motivational Quotes in Hindi can inspire us to keep pushing forward in life, no matter how many struggles we face. They remind us to never give up on our dreams and to keep striving for success through hard work and perseverance.