Apprenticeships provide a wide range of advantages that aren’t often given enough weight when figuring out what to pursue after high school. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should take on an apprenticeship and the rewards you may expect to reap in the future:

Get Paid To Study

Having a steady source of income that allows you to meet your basic necessities and indulge in life’s little luxuries is essential. Most apprentices make little more than the minimum wage during their first year of training, although many advance to higher pay scales thereafter. In fact, approximately 25% of apprentices are promoted within 12 months after finishing their training, and 90% of apprentices are kept on by their employers after completing their program. With the Bricklayer apprenticeship program your career is safeguard with a permanent job.

Obtain Credible Credentials

Apprenticeship levels typically run for one year, and at the end of each one, you’ll get a certificate that will look great on your resume. Starting at Level 2, moving up to Level 3, Level 4 (Honors College), Level 5 (bachelor’s degree), and Level 6 i.e. master’s degree.

Develop Self-Reliance and Esteem

Working for a firm can help you learn accountability, workplace etiquette, and how to complete duties without supervision. As a result, you’ll earn the admiration of your peers and the respect of your superiors, both of which will boost your self-assurance as you go about your business.

Gain Individualized Assistance That Is Continuing

Your assessor is the person who will create your assignments, grade them, and help you succeed during your apprenticeship. They are available at all times to respond to your inquiries and give you with personalized assistance.

Get Practical Job Experience

An apprenticeship may help you transition from the structured learning environment of an academic institution to the more independent and autonomous working world. With the help of your coworkers, you’ll quickly feel at home in your new environment.

Make Yourself More Marketable To Potential Employers

Apprenticeships not only help you gain knowledge and experience in a field, but also boost your marketability to potential employers. They will notice that you were able to juggle the responsibilities of a full-time job with your studies to get the required credits for your apprenticeship program. Employers reward hard work and employees that put in the time and effort.

Get Price Reductions

With the Trade apprenticeships a student discount card is available to you as an apprentice since you are still considered a student. You may save money on a wide range of goods and services, including meals, clothes, insurance, fitness center subscriptions, and more.

AdvanceYour Abilities

It’s possible that you won’t have quite the GPA you need to advance to the next level of your chosen profession when you first start your apprenticeship. However, most companies will give you a second chance to take your General Certificate of Education exams or teach you new skills so that you may move forward in the company.


Twenty paid holidays per year, including all federal, state, and local holidays, are provided to apprentices. You may now take a vacation without worrying about the financial consequences. Making time for vacations and other forms of relaxation is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.Check out the potential advantages of an apprenticeship now and take the first step toward that goal.