Are you a fan of luxe outdoor living? The best designers and architects are creating luxe outdoor designs for increasingly refined outdoor decoration in which they try to transfer the comfort of indoor home furniture. 

The outdoor and garden settings are experiencing a moment of splendor, both for homes and for hotels, resorts and catering businesses. Choose from various luxe outdoor furniture and accessories, such as sun loungers, outdoor tables, grill covers, garden chairs, sofas and chaise lounges, parasols, pavilions, and shade structures for gardens, porches and swimming pools.


Luxe outdoor designs to decorate a small terrace making the most of it


Whoever has a terrace, however small, has a treasure! With the arrival of pleasant weather, no one resists enjoying luxe outdoor living. If it can be done from the tranquillity of your own home, all the better. Today, having a terrace or a small balcony is a privilege. You have to know how to take advantage of luxe outdoor furniture. A seat and a table are the essential elements. From there, a practical, functional and beautiful place can be created with skill and creativity.


Design armchair


Having little space does not imply giving up luxe outdoor designs. In this sense, rounded, egg-shaped or even hanging chairs adapt very well to small spaces, filling them with personality. Those made with natural fibers such as rattan; favor the passage of light, creating a light space pleasing to the eye. It only remains to complete with some cushions to make it comfortable.


painted terrace wall and palm trees


Knowing how to take advantage of impressive views is a great virtue. Decorating it in tune with the exterior helps to perceive it as an extension of it. On the other hand, painting the walls contributes to giving them depth.


Luxe outdoor furniture with cushions and a large plant


Flora is another basic element when decorating a small terrace. On the one hand, a beautiful pot with an XL-sized outdoor plant is a good start to create a heavenly atmosphere. On the other hand, it is also interesting to take advantage of the ceiling or the wall, either with hanging plants or with geranium-type pots that take up practically nothing but wear a lot.


Terrace with chair with footstool, cactus and grass


It is worth losing a few centimetres for the benefit of comfort. And it is that being able to extend the legs is most relaxing. In addition to having pots or wooden lattices with vines to provide foliage, artificial grass must also be considered in luxe outdoor designs.




Luxe outdoor designs in lighting 


We know how important it is to choose the right outdoor lighting. Luxe outdoor design lamps are perfect for illuminating both large and small spaces, gardens and entire plots. This type of outdoor lighting provides us with general light and provides us with security since they help us control our environment. Luxe outdoor living includes garden lighting formation will allow us to create different spaces and environments for each area in part. We are combining outdoor lamps and outdoor wall lamps with lanterns on the wall, light beacons, etc. We can highlight specific points such as architectural elements on facades, paths, trees and garden plants, delimit a specific area, etc.


Chill-out style wooden terrace with lanterns


There are other options beyond the classic terrace for adventurous and independent spirits. Creating a bohemian-style chill-out corner is one of them. Defining the space with a rug, covering it with lots of cushions and adding lanterns for when it gets dark are the first steps to turning it into an attractive leisure area.


Irresistible luxe outdoor furniture


Our luxe outdoor furniture makes up the new collection. Nor is it just a metaphor to explain the durability of the furniture, but a reality. The collection finds its raw material in the overhauling. Take advantage of luxe outdoor designs to equip the garden and terrace with a dining service consisting of a table, folding chairs and grill covers.


Luxe outdoor furniture: The color of natural wood is complemented by print textiles


This time we have been inspired by the simple and practical Scandinavian style to give shape to luxe outdoor designs that already have experience in facing the elements and are also protected with waxing on solid oak available in stunning shades.


As a whole, the silhouettes of the luxe outdoor furniture have ogee edges with conical and rounded legs in dimensions. The top is engraved with a graphic of ordered radial lines to give the table surface dynamism. Also, as part of luxe outdoor living, the table and bench are designed with panache, and the chairs can be folded for easier storage and packing indoors.