The priority is convenience and safety when we think about booking rideshare services. But, as per the best Lyft accidents lawyer in Arizona, the number of accidental cases is increasing. So, knowing all the precautions will help you stay aware of things, and we will discuss the most important things you should know about them. 

Reasons behind Uber/ Lyft Accidents 

Rideshare services are the most common form of transportation for people. As per the best accident lawyer in AZ rideshare accidents happen for many reasons. The primary reason is the rising number of rideshare vehicles on the road. Other possible reasons are: 

  •  Speeding is the most common reason behind rideshare accidents.
  • Distracted driving because of using rideshare apps for navigation and other operations.
  • Using drugs and alcohol while driving.  
  • With the increasing number of inexperienced drivers on the road. 
  • Road rule violation is another reason behind rideshare accidents. 

The most common reasons are lack of training, using phones while operating vehicles, and speeding.

Responsibility of Rideshare Services

In Arizona, the liable party is identified based on who was responsible for the collision. Uber and Lyft claim that their drivers must have private liability insurance and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of $1 million for each accident. These policies are only used once the driver’s coverage has been exhausted; both firms also offer third-party insurance plans that pay up to $1 million per accident for property damage or injuries.

The responsible party would be required to pay damages if the uber driver was not at fault for the collision. Passengers using rideshare services can file third-party claims to seek compensation from the negligent driver. Whether the at-fault party is insured or not, the final liability comes under the rideshare driver to pay for the damages. This may happen in the case of:

  • If the at-fault party is unknown 
  • If the at-fault party has no insurance
  • If they do not have enough to cover the damage/injury cost

As per the lawsuit, you can claim compensation from the rideshare company if these options fail. But you must consult an experienced attorney before taking any steps after an accident. 


Accidents are not the only concern for rideshare app safety. There are many other consequences involved in rideshare services. So, you must know the most common ones to stay safe when booking a rideshare service. 

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