Most businesses rely on highly efficient commercial vehicles, especially mini trucks, for intra-city transportation. For this reason, the Mahindra mini truck promotes seamless transportation safely, promoting business growth. 

Moreover, this blog reviews Mahindra models that efficiently manage fuel economy. So, let’s read the given specifications and pricing for the models that help in business growth. 

1. Mahindra Jeeto Plus CNG 400 Mini Truck

Employ this CNG-fuel mini truck in your business operations. Powered by four-stroke, positive engine ignition, Mahindra Jeeto Plus engines deliver 20 HP power. 

Moreover, the mini truck has 1485 kg GVW, providing 650 kg of payload capacity. It helps the model to deliver goods safely in one trip. 

In addition, the four powerful and supportive tyres have a 2500 mm wheelbase for this mini truck. The driver can easily maneuver and glide through bumpy roads with supportive, robust tyres. 

Furthermore, a 68-litre fuel tank promotes more trips to different destinations in a day. The model also encourages fuel economy at 35 km/kg mileage. Hence, the price for the Mahindra Jeeto Plus mini truck is Rs. 4.38 Lakh – 5.08 Lakh. 

2. Mahindra Bolero Pikup CNG Pickup

Promote your courier and delivery services by utilizing this pickup. Besides, this model operated from an MSI 2500 CNG engine, which evokes 67 HP output. 

Moreover, talking about its ability, the model can endure heavy loads. Users get a balanced ride at 1190 kg of payload, owing to its overall body weight. 

Additionally, four robust tyres and a 3264 mm wheelbase also ensure smooth driving on bumpy roads. Furthermore, with a massive fuel tank capacity, the pickup delivers 19 km/kg mileage.

As concluded, the Mahindra Bolero Pickup price ranges between Rs. 9.03 Lakh – 9.10 Lakh.