The modern Mahindra Furio 11 vehicle is regarded as one of the finest in the Mahindra trucks and buses category. It falls underneath the ICV truck series. Beginning with the 11-tonne GVW segment, the Furio 11 also includes all of the best attributes that enhance visual appeal and efficiency. This vehicle also successfully blends appearance, convenience, safety, and profitability. It allows you to transport a hefty cargo to local and national logistics distribution centers on schedule. Mahindra also promises superior mileage and a higher resale value with this vehicle. Let’s discuss the Mahindra Furio 11 Truck in detail here. 

Main Specifications of the Mahindra Furio 11 Truck 

This Mahindra 6-wheeler vehicle has a GVW of 11280 Kg. And also is powered by a revolutionary 3.5 Litre mDi Tech engine featuring smart fuel technology. The engine in the Mahindra Furio 11 truck also produces 138 horsepower and 525 Nm of torque. 

Many drive modes enable the operator to modify power output dependent on loading and terrain grade. The Mahindra Furio also delivers the highest mileage in its class thanks to its 160-liter diesel tank and 6-speed transmission. The modern BS6 Mahindra Furio truck series offers a stylish, comfortable cabin, an advanced instrument cluster, and many convenience features. Air brakes keep this Mahindra Furio truck secure. Power steering with tilt adjustment makes driving easier in this Mahindra truck.

It has a seating capacity of only three that can effortlessly accommodate One Driver Plus Two Passengers with an adjustable driver seat.

Mahindra Furio 11 Price Range

In India, Mahindra Furio 11 truck starts at the price of Rs. 19.22 Lakh to Rs. 19.75 Lakh.

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