In the past two years, the air fryer is really hot. My air fryer has been used at least twice a week since I bought it. As a foodie with multiple ovens and cooking pans in the home, the frequency of use is quite high! The working principle of the air fryer is to use hot air instead of frying, and then dry the surface of the food at a high temperature so that it will have some fried taste. In particular, meat food, because of its own oil, can be fried with an air fryer without oil at all. Moreover, the air frying pan is easy to operate and is especially friendly to kitchen white and lazy people! When you buy an air fryer and eat those “fried goods”, your guilt will be reduced, and then you can’t help feeling that for the rest of your life, you can’t help but eat less oil!


How powerful is the air fryer? It is so powerful that you can make a big happy set meal with an air frying pan!


My family bought this Toshiba air fryer earlier. It’s autumn. It’s time to stick autumn fat together! The following air fryer foods are the fried products that often appear on our table. According to these recipes, we can make air fryer food without eating extra fat. These delicious and low-oil “fried products” are also the secret of our Toshiba air fryer not to eat ash!


1、 Roasted sweet potato


Our air fryer has been used for more than four years. In the past four years, it has baked the sweetest potatoes and French fries. Let’s start with baked sweet potatoes. For me, baked sweet potatoes in autumn and winter are my source of happiness. Before graduation, I have been living in the north. The winter in the north is extremely cold. I can eat a hot baked sweet potato at a low temperature, not to mention happiness. Of course, there is another purpose for girls to buy it, and that is to warm their hands. Now, baked sweet potatoes are often my staple food for breakfast. In the morning, wash two sweet potatoes and put them into the air fryer before washing them. After washing, it is also baked. Drink more milk and eat some fruit, and you can go out to work.


Method: preheat the air frying pan to 180 ° for 3 minutes, use the preheat time to clean the sweet potatoes, dry the surface with kitchen oil absorption paper, and then put it into the air frying pan for 15-20 minutes


Because the volume of the air fryer is relatively small, if it is such a long sweet potato, it can be cut and then put into the fried blue


After so many years, the lazy landlord likes to put tinfoil in addition to shaking it with a fresh-keeping bag. Because the owner of the building bought the air fryer early, Philips bought the gridded fryer when it didn’t match the non-stick fryer. Later, there was no fried blue, but the lazy landlord had found a new way to solve the problem of cleaning, so he didn’t buy the baked blue without coating. The baking blue of the grid is really not easy to clean, so the difficulty of cleaning is greatly reduced after using tin foil. If you have a dishwasher at home, you can take it as if I didn’t say it. In recent years, the new air fryers have all been fried blue without coating. The difficulty of cleaning is no longer a disadvantage of air fryers. Don’t worry about buying!


Like the oven, the air fryer does not have a fixed time for baking food. It can be extended or shortened according to the size of the food.


The sweet potatoes are not very big, so they were roasted for 15 minutes. Pull out the frying basket after the air frying pan stops working


Use the method my mother taught me when I was young to check whether it is ripe. Use chopsticks to pierce holes in the large sweet potato. If it can be easily pierced, it means it is ripe. If the inner core is hard, it means it needs to be baked.


After sticking one, I found that there was still a hard one in the middle, so I baked it for five minutes. Now it’s completely cooked and ready to eat


In the same way, baked potatoes and baked purple potatoes are the same way. There is no difficulty or technology at all! What you want to eat, wash and dry, and throw it in!


2、 Toshiba air frying pan-fried mushrooms


Wash the mushrooms bought in the supermarket, squeeze the water dry, and choose the ones you like. The landlord picked up a box and came back to bake it.


At ordinary times, the most commonly roasted mushroom is Pleurotus eryngii. After being roasted, Pleurotus eryngii tastes as delicious as meat! Both adults and children like it. They are absolutely greedy to cry for the children next door!


Clean and standby


Take out the necessary fresh-keeping bag and put the mushrooms in the bag


Pour in edible oil, preferably corn oil without a special smell


Add a teaspoon of salt


An appropriate amount of black pepper


If you have the same taste as me and want to eat barbecue at home, you can sprinkle cumin powder and chili powder. Of course, if you are as lazy as me, it will be more convenient to sprinkle this commercially available barbecue sauce directly.


Then start shaking the mushrooms in the fresh-keeping bag with your hands, and let the seasoning and oil evenly dip on each piece of mushrooms


Toshiba air frying pan preheated 180 °, put tin foil and then mushrooms, 15 minutes


After 10 minutes, open the air frying pan, shake the fried blue, and turn the mushrooms over


The mushrooms will be “fried” in 15 minutes


If you like to eat dry taste, you can bake for another 3-5 minutes


My family likes to eat this kind of taste. Although I only put a drop of oil, the taste is close to fried. It tastes very satisfying.