Malta has gained much popularity as a residency option for many investors, families, and businessmen. The country meets the demands of the global market with its economic environment. With its geographical position, high-quality facilities, and stable political climate, it’s a perfect hub for foreign investment.

The country attracts businessmen and investors with Malta Permanent Residence Program (MRPR) which offers flexible investment options. It’s a straightforward program based on property investments and government contributions. The program promises a four to six-month processing time from the submission of a complete and correct application. MPRP offers value to individuals who wish to make Malta their second home.

So, this blog post will be about Malta residency by investment and how you can attain residency status on this beautiful island.

What Is Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP)

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) is a program that allows individuals to obtain permanent residence status in Malta. Through the MPRP, investors can apply for residency in Malta and enjoy the benefits its residents have. The program has been designed with an eye toward what makes Malta attractive: safe, secure, and offering quality health care, and quality of life.Malta Golden Visa

The latest changes in the program have made it a lot easier to get a Malta residence permit. The new rules exclude buying government bonds. You can now apply either by property acquisition or property lease, along with contributions and donations.

How To Obtain Malta Permanent Residence

As per the amendments made in the Malta Permanent Residence Programme, you’ll be required to meet the eligibility criteria and requirements to obtain the residency.

Eligibility Criteria

You’re eligible for the program if you,

Are a third-country national and not coming from an EU or EEA state.

Aren’t a citizen of a country that the agencies sanction

Have sufficient financial funds to maintain yourself and your dependents.

Own capital assets of a minimum of €500,000.

Have a clean criminal record.


Apply for the program through a licensed agent.

Pay the one-time application fee of €98,000 for the lease route/€68,000 for the property acquisition.

Rent property in Malta for €12,000 per annum. The amount is €10,000 for the South of Malta and Gozo, or

Purchase a property in Malta for €350,000. The amount is €300,000 for the South of Malta and Gozo.

For each additional adult dependent, pay an extra €7,500.

Donate €2,000 to a local philanthropic organization or NGO registered with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations.

Provide a valid travel document.

Get a health insurance policy to cover all health risks throughout your stay in Malta.

Travel insurance to cover your traveling across Schengen.

Note: You’ll be required to keep the property for a minimum period of five years.

Investment Options for Malta Permanent Residence Programme

There are two routes of residency by investment in Malta MPRP: Property lease and property acquisition. With the MPRP, you can make your investment once you receive your pre-approval.

Rental Option

You can choose to rent the property instead of buying one. This option entails a lease of a property situated in the south of Malta or Gozo for €10,000 per annum. For a property situated in the rest of Malta, the amount is €12,000 per annum. With the lease option, you’re required to pay an application fee of €98,000 to the government, and donate €2,000 to an NGO in Malta.

You’re eligible to buy a property after you’ve rented one, as long as the criteria are met.

Property Acquisition

With this option, you’re required to buy a property for €300,000 in the South of Malta or Gozo; or for €350,000 in the rest of the country. With the property acquisition option, you’re required to pay €68,000 to the government as an application fee and donate €2,000 to an NGO in Malta.

You can add your parents or grandparents who are dependent on you. In this case, you’ll be required to pay an additional fee of €7,500.

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Malta Permanent Residence Programme Application Process

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme application process requires a high level of due diligence. There are specific requirements to meet to be eligible for a Maltese residence permit. This includes all relevant fees and documents, as well as submitting original copies of various certificates.

The application takes four to six months to process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Malta Permanent Residence Programme

Prepare your documents and start your application. Pay €10,000 government fees along with your application.

Wait for the due diligence process to be finalized. Once it’s completed, you’ll receive a Letter of Approval in Principle.

Visit Malta for biometrics.

Make your investment, donate the required amount, and settle the balance of the administrative fee.

Get your Maltese residence permits.

Required Documents for Malta Permanent Residence Programme

The below documents are required for the Digital Nomad Visa Malta Permanent Residence Programme:

Signed cover letter

Power of attorney document

Form MRVP6 and your biometric data along with all dependents over the age of 12 and any/all donors/benefactors.

Form MRVP1, MRVP2 (personal details), MRVP3 (medical reports), and Form MRVP4 (declaration dependent) as applicable

Verification documents if the parent of the minor is not an applicant but has signed his/her form

Proof of conduct of the due diligence process

Evidence of funds and wealth resources

Bank statements from banks of the native country

Business ownership evidence (if applicable)

Employment proof (if applicable)

Valid international passport/s

ID Cards issued by the government of the country

Birth certificates

Marriage certificate

Divorce certificate(s) (if applicable)

Military records (if applicable)

Residential address proof abroad

Certificates of code of conduct from the police

Affidavit of dependency (if applicable)

Other supporting documentation

Supporting Documents for MPRP

Supporting documents are to be provided when asked by the legal agent.

Besides, make sure that the original official documents are apostille/legalized by the government authority of the issuing country.

A valid certified copy of an apostilled, legalized document is acceptable. However, if the certification has been prepared outside of your country, please provide a notarized certificate from that organization to prove authenticity.

Also, these original or certified true copies need to be translated and apostilled/legalized if done abroad.