Marble is the most commonly used natural stone for flooring purposes. The use of marble is not limited to flooring, but it can be used for many other purposes like interior designing, sculptures, monuments, furniture, etc. The Kishangarh Marble is the best type of marble that can be found in Rajasthan.

It has amazing properties, it can be easily maintained, and it can also be easily restored and repaired. No doubt why marble is the most commonly used stone for flooring around the world. The restoration process of marble is also very simple.

In this blog, we will look at some marble restoration processes.

Marble Restoration Processes

The best quality Kishangarh Marble of Rajasthan can be found at Shree Krishna Marbles. Always get your marble from the right marble supplier for extraordinary quality. Some marble restoration processes are as follows:

  • Marble Cleaning

Before any restoration and repair take place, the cleaning of marble is very necessary. Because every natural stone is different from the others, the cleaning process is also very different. In marble cleaning, discoloration and stains are removed.

  • Marble Repair

When we talk about repairing marble, we are talking about repairing chips, cracks, and other damages. To fix them, special materials and machinery are used. Some experts can repair marble and restore its beauty and style.

  • Marble Honing

The surface of marble turns dull over time because of the constant contact with dirt, sand, shoes, and other things. Honing means repairing the marble source and then preparing it for polishing.

  • Marble Polishing and Buffing

Once the marble is repaired, it is polished to restore it to its best condition. After polishing, the marble stone looks as good as new. The buffing process provides marble stone with a mirror-like shine and reflection.


Any variety of marble can be restored and repaired to its best condition. Just make sure to get quality marble from a trusted supplier like Shree Krishna Marbles. A variety of marbles like Makrana Marble, Onyx marble, Morwad Marble, Ind0-Italian Marble and many others can be found here.