Maria B is a name that needs no introduction. Each of her collections exudes charm and exquisiteness. This helps her stay on par with her competitors. The brand’s main style has remained the same but it incorporated the current trends. Whatever is trending in regard to fashion is added to the upcoming collection so that her customer can slay the current trends. Her collections are released according to the season and occasion. Her clients patiently wait for the upcoming collections as they love Maria B work and work aesthetics. All her collections are available at Raja Sahib online.

Maria B. Collection | Casual and Formal Wear

At Maria B. you can find all types of clothing. This includes your normal everyday clothing wear and also formal wedding attire. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it at Maria B’s online website and in stores. Her brand has grown over the years and is now an established trusted brand. Her clientele list is vast and has international clients as well as local ones.

If you are looking for clothing styles that are beautiful and also complement your whole look then Maria B should be your go-to brand. You can also get clothes for your daughter mostly festive looks and even get a pair like hers to match. Moreover, the kids’ clothing comes under M. Kids and has amazing collections and designs for your little one.

Maria B. Online | New Collections 2022

Maria B has also stepped into a new venture of footwear. Different types of footwear are available for you to adorn with beautiful casual designs. Not only this you can also get jewelry- wedding appropriate and perfumes from Maria B. store. Her jewelry is perfect for you to wear to a wedding. Maria B.’s new jewelry line is called Mehtab and can be adorned with any wedding attire. There are multiple types of jewelry from her signature M collection to chic, heritage, zircon fine, and bridal, every type of jewelry is available. Even jewelry for kids is also available which is small and dainty.

Maria B. Clothing 2022 | Bridal Collectionmaria-b-collection

You can easily find any style from Maria B. clothing, her bridal collection has multiple style such as gharara, lehenga and others. Saree is also available at Maria B. which has a beautiful flow to it. Her bridal collections comes in different hues and styled with elegant embroidery and embellishments. Making her dresses look festive and the person wearing it gorgeous.

The wedding wear designs are simple and flamboyant. An intermix of anything you are looking for is available only at Maria B. Her dresses are traditionally crafted to suit the current fashion trends. It exudes regal charm and aesthetics making Maria B. a top fashion brand and icon. The bridal collection has different styles which are easily divided online. They are formal collection, Mhendi dresses collection, which are an assortment of multi-hued lhengas and cholis. Each dress and its cut is premium, which makes Maria B. assemble peoples favorite.

Maria B. Luxury Collection 2022 Online

In the unstitched fabrics category, there are multiple types available which range from embroidered to printed and take up multiple fabrications. Chiffon, silk, velvet, and linen are some of the fabrics that Maria B. collections are made up of. Her embroidered and luxury collections are sold of as soon as they are released. This makes Maria B. a mega brand in the fashion industry of Pakistan. You can shop all of its collections online on its website or visit its store to get a clear look of the product.