For the last few years, MAT LIVING has proven its worth in the rug industry by offering buyers unique, handmade, stylish, and functional rugs. Also, Mat Living presence online makes shopping for rugs and accessories accessible, convenient, and delightful.

The thing that will arouse rug addiction in you is the imperfection of the woven rugs. The handmade nature of the rug will resist you from parting once you have got a hold of it.

A perfect online shopping destination



Shopping for authentic, handmade rugs is in itself a daunting accomplishment. Especially if you prefer shopping online. However, with MAT LIVING, getting a uniquely designed and exclusively woven handmade rug would be a seamless experience. Unlike traditional retail stores and online shopping sites that lack transparency or have limited options to choose from, rugs on MAT LIVING evidently tell about how they are made, the characteristics they bear, and prices that justify the invested craftsmanship, effort, and time.

Value for money

Shopping at a brick-and-mortar retail can cost an exceedingly high price. This stands not justified when a number of brands have managed to cut out the middlemen evil that raised the cost unnecessarily. MAT LIVING team has chopped off the wholesale facility, by taking up the challenge to individually visit and coordinate with the manufacturing unit for quality and maintain cost-effective business. The selling direct-to-customer approach of MAT LIVING has soared its popularity in the value for money rug market.

Exceedingly appreciated craftsmanship



Artisans at MAT LIVING are known to create the most beautiful rugs. The same is translated when listed on the website. If you have an obsession with aesthetically stunning and comfortable rugs, order one from MAT LIVING and you will know that the rug you receive will be exactly as it is pictured on the website.

Loved collections on MAT LIVING



If you are on a hunt for a perfect rug for the various rooms of your home, MAT LIVING can be your go-to destination. Searching down the subcategories, you will find out rugs for every corner and in every style, you may wish. You can narrow your search by descending down through subcategories like By Style, By Size, By Color, and By Room among other such subcategories.

As far as weaving is concerned, you will not feel the stiffness as in most of the new products you buy. The fabulous dense weave of the hand-knotted quality will feel soothing underfoot. Flatweaves and other qualities are woven using high-quality high fiber and checked for quality assurance before arriving at the delivery phase.

MAT LIVING rugs range from the newest modern to traditional vintage and transitional. Some of the most loved subcategories are:

Luxury: You will find some of the most high-end stylish rugs in this category. The category is defined based on several factors. When the characteristics of the rugs intersect for all or most of these aspects, they are put into the category of luxury rugs.

Shaggy: Essentially, they are prioritized for giving maximum comfort. Accordingly, they are decided on the material, weaving, and other such inputs that assure comfort while keeping the aesthetics.

Vintage: Embracing old styles has been a mutual interest of rug buyers and the team at MAT LIVING. Hence, MAT LIVING curated, unique vintage rugs online are so popular among retro-style home decorators.

Leather: Cowhide rugs symbolize elegance, and reflect fortune. Especially, the curated leather rug collection on MAT LIVING which has cowhide rugs, some barely altered for patterns and designs and others customized to add interest and sophistication.

One-of-a-kind Rugs

One-of-a-kind Rugs


Rugs on MAT LIVING can be trimmed, tied, and weaved to fit personalized décor. If you are irritated by seeing identical rugs everywhere, it’s best to get a bespoke piece. Rugs made through bespoke services are only one made and once it is made for you there will not be another similar piece made for other buyers. Bespoke rugs are customized pieces that a manufacturer will undertake to create only for you. The rugs will be co-created and will be a union of ideas of the internal designers and the client. So, you can have your say during ideation, design, and even dictate the same.

Closing arguments

Area rugs on MAT LIVING are dreamy décor essentials. Rugs on MAT LIVING are far from mass-market supplies that are copied for design and inferior counterfeits. MAT LIVING ethically made and conveniently delivered rugs are a gem to fill the floor space for a gleaming look and sheer comfort.