Remote and hybrid work is the new norm and effective meeting & collaboration tools are more critical than ever. Microsoft Teams has been a go-to solution for businesses to stay connected. However, setting up a Microsoft Teams Room can be extremely expensive.

For small and medium-sized companies, investing in a more cost-efficient meeting room system is a smarter choice. In this blog, I will introduce you to AV Access eShare wireless conferencing system as a good value-for-money alternative pick, help you access your needs, and know the gap between Microsoft Teams Room devices and eShare, including their features and prices. In the end, you can make your informed decision.

The Challenge of Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms offer one-stop solutions for businesses seeking to set up a multi-functional meeting room. It’s a whole set of in-room gear that you can bring into your meeting space and have it function like a hybrid meeting room. However, there are some challenges businesses may encounter.

  • High Cost: This is a very practical problem. The big name brings a premium price. A Microsoft Teams Room-certified video bar could cost over $1000, let alone a whole set of in-room meeting gear. The number can easily go to $5000 and higher.
  • Learning Curve: Microsoft Teams Room kit has its own control system which is normally presented by a controller panel. Its installation and configuration require some training and may not be friendly to new members, guests, or someone who hasn’t used it before.
  • No BYOM: Microsoft Teams Room controller basically is a computer that serves as a room PC in the meeting space. It connects to the peripherals like the microphone, webcam, and monitor. Team members won’t be able to host with their own device (Bring Your Own Meeting is not supported) which is less flexible.
  • Flexibility & compatibility: Since the system is built to work with the video conferencing platform Microsoft Teams, it may not be compatible with other services like Zoom and Google Meet.

AV Access Wireless Conferencing Kit

The AV Access eShare W80 Wireless Conferencing Kit is a compelling alternative to a traditional Teams Room system. There are more options in the eShare series and the aim of the eShare meeting room series is to provide capable, easy-to-use meeting room solutions at an affordable, reasonable price for businesses of all sizes.

eShare W80 is a wireless conferencing system that integrates your in-room meeting gear, for example, your microphones, webcam, and displays. It serves as a video switcher and computing devices like a laptop or a PC could connect to it and utilize the whole gear for meeting purposes.


eShare W50eShare W80eShare C30A/V Interface1x HDMI in, 1x HDMI out, 1x USB-C in2x HDMI in, 2x HDMI out1x HDMI in, 1x HDMI out, 1x USB-C inSupported Video ResolutionUp to 4K@30hzUp to 4K@30hzUp to 4K@60hzUSB Interface3x USB 3.03x USB 3.03x USB 3.0HDMI1.41.42.0HDCP1.41.42.2Wireless CastingAirPlay, Miracast, USB-C dongleAirPlay, Miracast, USB-C dongleNoMultiviewNoYesNoWireless USB Peripheral Control with DongleNoYesNoAutomatic Signal SwitchingYesYesYesTouch Screen SupportYesYesNoSettings with Web UIYesYesNo

Key Features of AV Access eShare W80

  1. Dual monitor & dual view: The eShare W80 has two HDMI outputs and supports a dual monitor setup. Even though you have only one monitor in the meeting room, the dual view feature enables two presenters to present both of their screens on the same display for better coordination.
  2. Wireless conferencing: The eShare W80 does not combine itself with any video conferencing platforms and can work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more. This means you can leverage your existing software investments without the need for additional licenses. And with eShare D20, you can hold a hybrid meeting wirelessly with a click.
  3. Wireless screen-sharing: The eShare W80 wireless conferencing kit enables team members to share their screens freely via Miracast, Airplay, or the wireless dongle eShare D20. Everyone can easily engage in the meeting and discussion.
  4. Customizable setup: eShare W80 is an open, flexible system with a USB hub and HDMI connection where you can connect your own devices and meeting room gear for integrated use. It’s more flexible, highly compatible, and customizable.
  5. Plug-and-Play Installation: Setting up the eShare W80 is a breeze. It requires minimal technical expertise, and the kit includes everything you need for installation. No driver or application is needed. It’s a hardware, plug-and-play solution.

How AV Access eShare W80 Enhances Collaboration

  1. Seamless screen sharing: Team members can use HDMI cable, wireless screen-sharing, or the wireless dongle to share their screen. Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are all supported. It automatically switches sources if there are more than 2 members casting their screens.
  2. Easily go hybrid: Employees can bring their own devices to the meeting space and connect to the eShare W80. By doing this, his/her device will be free to utilize the whole meeting system gear to hold a successful hybrid meeting.
  3. Scalable settings: eShare W80 supports dual monitors, and one of the wireless conferencing kits comes with AnyCo V8 the video bar, and two AnyCo M1 microphones for cascading use. They will be able to offer a better sightline and voice experience in a larger meeting space.
  4. Cost Savings: AV Access is dedicated to providing meeting room solutions that are of high quality, capable of handling in-person and hybrid meeting needs, and are cost-effective. We are happy to serve businesses of all sizes, and also bring business opportunities to AV installers and integrators.


AV Access eShare W80 Wireless Conferencing Kit offers a compelling alternative to Microsoft Teams Room setups. Its wireless connectivity, compatibility, plug-and-play installation, and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive choice for all. We offer discounted prices for installer/integrator parters. Contact our sales at [email protected]!