In Minecraft, players will discover a variety of items and blocks. Obtaining new items will unlock crafting recipes in the recipe book. Some things can be difficult to find, so the recipes related to them are locked, such as glazed terracotta, end crystals, leads and more.

Minecraft lasso

Leads have been in Minecraft since 2013’s Horse Update. Players will need slime balls and strings to make leads. This article shows various ways to use leads in Minecraft.

Uses of leads in Minecraft

Leashing mobs

Mobs attached to leads (Image via Mojang)

The most common use of leads is for leashing mobs in Minecraft. Players can tie leashed mobs to fences. Leashed mobs will move in the same direction where the player holding the lead goes.

Leads can help move mobs that cannot be attracted using an item, like horses, axolotls, foxes and others. Players can also use leads to tame mobs that can run fast, like cats and foxes. Once they are attached to leads, cats and foxes won’t run too far from the player and they become easy to tame.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players can use leads on boats as well. The lead is one of those Bedrock exclusive features that makes so much sense. In Java Edition, only some passive and neutral mobs can be leashed, not any non-mob entity.

Making balloons

In Minecraft Education Edition, players will need leads to craft balloons. Education Edition features many chemicals and elements that help players learn chemistry by playing Minecraft. Players can use six latex, one helium, one dye and one lead to make balloons.

For decoration Anything can be used for decoration in Minecraft if a player is creative enough. Some players may wonder how they can use the lead as it requires a mob.

Leads can be attached to small mobs like chickens, parrots and rabbits. Players can hide these mobs and use leads as ropes for bridges and other such builds. By hiding them, leads will look like actual ropes.

How to get leads in Minecraft To craft a lead, players need one slime ball and three strings. Slime balls are usually obtained by killing slimes. Since slimes have specific spawning conditions, farming them can be difficult.

Players can also obtain leads from other sources in Minecraft. One of the easiest ways to get a lead is by killing wandering traders. However, they can only drop two leads when they are accompanied by two llamas. Loot chests in woodland mansions and bastion remnants can also contain leads.