Home extensions oftentimes require a lot of dedication. It takes time to complete, and while every homeowner hopes that the extension will increase the value of their house and enhance their quality of life, there may occasionally be an underlying worry that these expectations won’t come true. Large-scale renovations and home extensions can be just as complex as new home construction. A common worry expressed by homeowners is their desire to avoid making expensive mistakes when planning for a home extension. They don’t want to overspend, have issues arise during construction, or end up with an extension that doesn’t look nice or just isn’t up to par.

Here are some mistakes you might make when planning a home extension:

Not having a proper Schedule of Works document

A schedule of Works is a contract document that mentions all the work that has to be done in the home extension process. With a clear Schedule of Works document provided by extension builders Tingalpa Brisbane, you can clearly understand what work will happen at what time. This allows you to prepare yourself for more disruptive jobs that are involved in the home extension process. Being able to prepare mentally and physically for such a huge project is necessary for your peace of mind. If you have children or pets, you can make sure to move them until some of the messy jobs are finished. Such jobs include screeding floors and bashing down walls to connect the old ones with the new ones.

Not considering the storage space.

Your home extension project may involve making your kitchen bigger or remodelling other rooms to a bigger size. But one important thing to not forget is to find a storage space for the materials that you keep in your home. If your home extension plan involves knocking down walls, there will be a lot of dust and debris. So it is wise to find a place to keep your properties safe before starting the extension and alteration process. You can organize your belongings in the area of your home that is away from the area that needs an extension. Or you can simply store them in areas like your garage or store rooms.

Trying to live on the building site.

People who decide to do home extensions often ignore the advice of builders. They underestimate how much debris and dust particles can be generated with such a project. Even though it depends on the amount of extension work involved, there will still be a harmful amount of debris when in contact. Some extension projects, like the two-storey extension, affect the cleanliness of both upstairs and downstairs.

Rushing the home extension design

If you have moved into your current home recently and want to extend your home, you might be wrong. Living a whole year to see how seasons affect the comfort and functionality of a home is the best way to decide if the house needs an extension or not. Living through all seasons of the year helps you check how lighting enters the building. You can decide whether the lighting is adequate in your current home. You can even find out if the temperature is too hot or cold for you to live in. People should check how much air circulation their living space has before deciding home extension.

Starting the project without a contingency budget

There is no worst situation than a half-finished living space and an empty bank account. You should get a fixed quote with your home extension service provider rather than an estimate. This way, you can have or try to have a contingency fund of around ten per cent, giving you a little breathing space. The extension builders Tingalpa Brisbane provides you with affordable home extension services.

Not including bathrooms in the project

If you are adding a bedroom, you might want to add a bathroom to your home extension project. Many homeowners regret not adding a bathroom or at least a shower room to their extension project. It is better to make sure your extension project is functional before starting it. This way, you can avoid careless mistakes that save time and money in your construction project.

Final thoughts

One last but not least mistake to avoid is choosing the wrong windows for your extension project. Any home extension project will be ruined if the windows selected are unsuitable. You should choose windows that suit your original building. For example, making old windows smaller to accommodate a new roof will make your home look odd. So be careful of all these mistakes to avoid when planning your home extension project.