Maharashtra’s monsoon season is only sometimes marked by waterlogging, flooding, and gridlock. The best places in Maharashtra for hiking may be found close to Mumbai and Pune, with verdant hills, thick woods, flowing springs, and sparkling waterfalls. Near Mumbai and Pune, the Sahyadri Hills offer some of the best monsoon getaways that make for incredible trekking locations. Here are the best places for trekking close to Mumbai and Pune.

Best Trekking Destinations Near Pune

Nothing is more delightful than visiting the trekking locations close to Mumbai and Pune. It is a revitalising getaway that can assist you in recharging and providing a break from the daily grind. Going outside to explore your surroundings is a great approach to re-establish a connection with nature. The following are the most incredible trekking locations close to Mumbai and Pune that one must not skip in 2022:

Lohagad Fort

The Lohagad fort is one of the best locations for hiking close to Mumbai. Chatrapati Shivaji frequently visited the significant hill fort of Lohagad. The fort is shrouded in mist and clouds throughout the monsoon season and gets especially soggy with moss growth. Lohagad Fort, which is surrounded by lush greenery, is popular with both locals and visitors. It is also among the top locations in Maharashtra for trekking.

Purandar Fort

This enormous, well-defended fort has a long history. In this fort, Sambhaji, the son of Shivaji, was born. When it rains, the imposing structure becomes unbelievably gorgeous, making for a wonderful trekking experience close to Mumbai. The Purandar Fort trail never fails to astonish hikers by giving them the opportunity to enjoy winter trekking close to Pune.

Tikona Fort

In Maharashtra, close to Kamshet (Maval area), is the hill fort known as Tikona. For a quick hiking break, it is one of the most amazing trekking locations close to Mumbai and Pune. This fort can be seen embellishing the old red brick walls, which makes it look nothing less than charming and showcases the excellent construction of the golden days. You can take part in one of the most interesting hikes close to Pune.

Rajmachi Trek

The old trade route passes right by the Rajmachi fort. Rajmachi Peak contains two fortified buildings: the Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan fort, both of which offer stunning valley views. One of the best treks is available nearby Pune. This fort is a great option for individuals looking to get closer to nature because of the stunning surroundings. Additionally, it is flanked by some of Mumbai’s top resorts.

Korigad Trek

Korigad is the ideal location if you’re thinking of going on a day hike close to Mumbai. At a height of 3050 feet, Lonavala’s renowned hill fort may be found. Two caves with two sizable ponds inside are the major draw of this excursion. For some daring couples looking for excitement and quality time together, this is the right location.

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Mahuli Fort Trek

This fort’s builder is unknown. Shahapur’s eastern side is bordered by the main Sahyadri range, while the Mahuli fort is perched atop a lone hill on the western face. This creates one of the most remote yet gorgeous trekking locations close to Mumbai and Pune. The lake exudes calmness and quiet, making this location a popular among tourists looking for some privacy. It is also among the top locations in Mumbai to visit during the monsoon.

Sudhagad Fort Trek

One of the best hill forts for trekking is Sudhagad (sometimes spelled Bhorapgad), which is close to Pune. A well-liked trekking location close to Mumbai and Pune is Sudhagad. The journey to this fort is just stunning with its lake-filled paths. Although the walk may be simple, people should take extra care when hiking during the monsoon season.

Raireshwar Trek

Near Bhor, south-west of Pune, is where the historical site Raireshwar can be found. This is a stunning location to visit in Mumbai during the monsoon season and is a great area to go on a day hike close to Mumbai and Pune. One of the most tranquil trekking locations close to Mumbai is here.

Prabalgad Fort Trek

Between Matheran and Panvel, Prabalgad Fort is situated in the Western Ghats at a height of 2300 feet. It was constructed on a plateau not far from Matheran, but unlike Matheran, it lacks a reliable water supply. This fort is one of the best sites for trekking close to Mumbai if you want to challenge yourself.

Raigad Fort

The Raigad Fort is simply amazing. One of the best treks nearby Mumbai, with the option of a nighttime climb. It’s spooky but secure. You should thus take your pals to Raigad Fort the next time you are planning a holiday because it is one of the best spots nearby Mumbai for hiking.

Ratangad Fort Trek

Looking for a challenging hiking location near Mumbai? There is a space for you in Ratangad. has a natural rock peak called “Nedhe,” or “Eye of the Needle,” with a hole in the top. From Bhandardara, a boat transports players to the base village of Ratanwadi. The distance by boat is 6 km, and the remaining 4 km are on foot to get to Ratanwadi.

Kalsubai Peak Trek

The Sahyadri mountain range’s tallest peak, Kalasubai, is located in the Nagar district. Every ardent trekker hopes to ascend Kalsubai peak, the Everest of the Sahyadris, at least once. Additionally, it is among the top locations for monsoon hikes close to Mumbai.

Torna Trek

Although the directions for getting to Torna are straightforward, the road is rather steep in some places. The Torna trek path can be broken down into three sections: the initial ascent up the hill, a plateau, and the last rock patch to access the Torna fort through the Bini darwaja. So, if you’re looking for a great area to go hiking close to Pune, consider the Torna Trek.

Jungli Jaigad Fort

In the Ratnagiri district’s dense, animal-infested forest, close to the well-known Kumbharli ghat, is where you’ll find Jungli Jaigad Fort. One of Maharashtra’s most intriguing jungle treks is Jungli Jaigad. So now you know where to go if you’re looking for the greatest treks close to Pune.

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