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History of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan culture and traditional rugs are closely intertwined with each other. For centuries, artisans based in Morocco have been manufacturing high-quality rugs which are then supplied across the world.

According to several experts and historians, the process of rug-making came into being in Morocco sometime during the 16th century. Initially, Moroccan rugs were manufactured by nomadic tribes. Apart from being used for decorative purposes, these rugs proved to be high-utility, functional entities as well.

With time, rug-making became extremely popular in Morocco and a certain type of artisanal quality started being associated with it. While Moroccan rugs remain highly in demand by those who use rugs extensively in their homes, they are highly valued by interior designers and collectors based in different parts of the world.


What Makes Them Desirable

When a particular object or product cuts across geographical boundaries and becomes popular with different cultural groups across the world, you know it has not just one but several alluring qualities or features. A Moroccan rug stands out because of a variety of reasons.


When you invest in a product whose pricing is slightly on the higher side, you expect it to last long. This particular expectation is well fulfilled by Moroccan rugs who are known for their durability. Despite being soft, Moroccan rugs exude a great amount of strength. Wool, after all, has a reputation for being a very strong material that feels smooth on the skin.


When you buy Moroccan rugs in Perth and start using them, one of the first things you notice is how soft and comfortable they are. Since Moroccan rugs are made of wool, you feel a great sense of warmth and comfort when you step onto them. Since these rugs feature a thick pile, you don’t feel the slightest discomfort while walking on them.


One of the USPs of Moroccan rugs is their design. These rugs are inspired by the traditions and cultures of Morocco. When you buy a Moroccan rug, you get introduced to a part of Moroccan history. The exquisite design of these rugs is one of the biggest reasons behind their being so valuable. If you like classic or timeless designs, you should definitely opt for Moroccan rugs in Australia.

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