Gasco Inc. is a leading gasket manufacturer in India. Gaskets have been manufactured in compliance with regional and worldwide industry specifications using cutting-edge technology and premium raw materials.

Along with gland packings, O ringsseal rings, and gaskets, we also supply them in their varieties. Our ISO-certified items are of the highest caliber. For industrial use, Gasket manufactures to function even under the most demanding circumstances.

Gaskets can be made from a variety of materials, including rubber, silicone, metal, cork, felt, and many others, depending on the specific application. Gaskets are commonly used in engines, pipelines, plumbing, and many other types of machinery and equipment where a leak-proof seal is necessary.

Also Gasket Supplier in India. serve as mechanical barriers, preventing the escape of liquids or gases by fitting snugly between two or more surfaces. Their purpose is to fill in any gaps or unevenness, creating a secure and impenetrable seal. The diversity of gaskets lies in their assortment of shapes, sizes, and materials, each tailored to a specific application.

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Gaskets and Their Uses:

Types Of Gaskets

PTFE sheet gaskets

PTFE sheet gaskets are Available in different dimensions and sizes, these products can be tailored to meet specific needs. They find extensive application across diverse industries, such as chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, pulp and paper, among others.

Expanded PTFE sheet gaskets

Expanded PTFE sheet gaskets A diverse array of substances, ranging from potent chemicals to steam, water, oils, and gases, can be effectively employed with this versatile solution.

Ring Joint Gaskets

Ring joint gaskets The Ring Joint serves as a form of joint, commonly constructed using metallic materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, and various alloyed alloys, to manufacture gaskets.

Metal Jacketed Gaskets 

Metal jacketed gaskets Renowned for their exceptional resilience, these seals possess an extraordinary capacity to withstand and preserve their integrity even amidst the most challenging conditions. These may include intense vibrations, extreme thermal fluctuations, or fluctuating levels of pressure.

Spiral Wound Metallic Gaskets 

Spiral wound metallic gaskets Spiral wound gaskets are typically composed of alternating metal and filler layers.

Graphoil ring gaskets

Graphoil ring gaskets usually consist of layers that alternate between metal and filler materials.

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