These days, more and more ICT professionals are aiming for an ACS Migration Skills assessment. It is because they find it one of the best ways to migrate to Australia as competent ICT professionals. 

So, let’s know what it is and other necessary things related to this assessment. 

ACS skills assessment: 

ACS Migration Skills assessment is an assessment system conducted by the Australian Computer Society. The assessment authority will assess and validate that the work experience, qualification and duties of an ICT candidate for immigration purposes are in harmony with the standards by the Australian occupation for the related nominated occupations on the relevant Skilled Occupation List. 

The result of the application will indicate whether or not the credentials of an ICT candidate match the set criteria. 

Why you need to go through this assessment: 

  • It is a requirement that you must satisfy before you apply for a Skilled Visa. 
  • This assessment validates that you are a genuine ICT professional with the required skills and knowledge. 
  • The ACS approval letter will accompany your visa application to the Department of home affairs. 
  • It may give you extra points on the basis of the number of years of work experience in ICT. 

Required documents: 

Apart from identity documents, you must provide documents to show work experience and qualifications. The Australian Computer Society has strict criteria on the details you need to include in the work reference letter. The employment reference letter needs to include: 

  • Start and finish date of the job (DD/MM/YY) 
  • Title of the position
  • Description of the duties 
  • Breakdown of any earlier roles 
  • Hours you worked per week 
  • The country where the employment was taken up 

Company letterhead that must be signed by an authorized person for the organization

You also need to provide pay proof to substantiate your claims. Payment proof can include: 

  • Official government tax records 
  • Payslips with your name and your employer’s name 
  • Bank statement with your name and the employer’s name 
  • Employment linked superannuation/insurance



The following are the latest fees for an ACS skill assessment according to different application types: 

  1. Temporary Graduate – 485 Skills Assessment: $500
  2. Post Australian Study Skills Assessment: $530
  3. Skills (general application): $530
  4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): $575
  5. Review Application: $395
  6. Appeal Application: $395

To be kept in mind: Per application, 8 skill assessment episodes are made up of your employment or qualification documentation. 

In other words, for each additional qualification or employment episode exceeding the maximum of 8 per application, you must pay an additional fee of $50. 


If you are looking for more information regarding ACS Migration Skills Assessment, reach us freely.