In the UK, if you own a car, you have to get it inspected annually to make sure it still satisfies the government’s basic safety requirements. If you are not well-prepared, the MOT test, which is a thorough examination of your car’s roadworthiness, can be a stressful event. To help you get ready for your test and make sure it goes well, we’ve included a thorough MOT test checklist in this article.


MOT test: what is it?

Let’s go over what a MOT test is in brief before we go into the checklist. The safety and environmental systems of your car are inspected annually during a MOT test. The purpose of the test is to confirm that your car satisfies the government’s minimal safety requirements. A qualified MOT tester will inspect the brakes, lighting, suspension, steering, wheels, and pollution systems of your car throughout the test to make sure everything is in working order.


MOT Test Catalog

To assist you in getting ready for the test, here is a thorough MOT test checklist:


Check the lights on your car. 

Verify the functionality of every light on your car, including the indicators, stop lights, taillights, and spotlights.


Check the brakes on your car.

 Make sure your brakes are operating properly by giving them a test. It could be necessary to get your brakes examined by a mechanic if they feel spongy or sluggish.


Examine the tires on your car.

 Look for symptoms of deterioration such as cracks, bulges, and punctures. Verify that the proper amount of air is in your tires.


Check the suspension and steering of your car. 

Make sure the suspension and steering are operating properly. You might need to have a mechanic inspect your car if it pulls to one side or feels unsteady.


Examine the emissions systems in your car. 

Your car must pass an emissions test as a component of the MOT test if it is older than three years. Verify that the emissions systems in your car are operating properly.


Examine the windshield wipers on your car. 

Verify that the wiper blades on the wipers on your windshield are in excellent shape and that they are operating correctly.


Check the horn.

Verify that the horn on your car is functioning properly by giving it a test.


Check the seat belts on your car.

 Verify that the seat belts in your car are in good shape and are operating as intended.


Verify the insurance and registration of your car. 

Verify that the insurance and registration for your car are current.

MOT Institute

The MOT Academy is a great resource whether you want to learn how to be a MOT tester or if you already want to become a better tester. In order to assist you in becoming a licensed MOT tester, The MOT Academy provides a variety of training courses and tools. More details on the MOT Academy are available on their website.


MOT Examination Guide

The basic requirements for your car to pass the MOT test are outlined in a thorough document produced by the government. For anyone getting ready for a MOT test, the booklet is a great tool. The MOT testing instructions is available on the official government website.


Although getting ready for an MOT test can be unpleasant, you can guarantee a stress-free experience by being well-prepared. Your car will be in good functioning order and prepared for the test if you follow the MOT test checklist that is provided in this article. The MOT Academy and the government’s MOT testing guide are great resources to help you reach your goals if you want to pursue a profession as a MOT tester or if you want to sharpen your abilities as an existing tester.