SMRT Corporation is one of the leading public transportation system companies in Singapore. It makes travel seamless and cost-effective. SMRT has been recognized as the safest medium of transportation and most reliable for offering an extended train network for the convenience of commuters traveling all across the city with ease.

The efforts of SMRT Chairman Seah Moon Ming are best visible in the extended network zones and several train lines of SMRT, along with continuous innovation and excellence. Not just maintaining passengers’ safety to an optimum level, SMRT is also at the forefront of appreciating the efforts of employees and other people. This article highlights SMRT recognizing and appreciating the hard labor and efforts of the migrant workers community across the SMRT train stations. A special initiative of Creating Quality Spaces for all SMRT stations has been organized in which photos of migrant workers are exhibited and visible to the eyes of passengers.

Appreciating the Contributions of Migrant Workers in Singapore 

In collaboration with Holdinghands Studio, SMRT has organized a visual display of the efforts of migrant workers’ communities in Singapore. It’s all about appreciating the migrant workers by placing their pictures all across SMRT stations and capturing the attention of onlookers at first glance. The six-week-long exhibition organized by SMRT is ideally named as Singapore Through the Lens of Our Migrant Workers.

As part of this exhibition, several pictures of Singapore’s sceneries, landmarks, and working efforts of migrant workers were displayed across Circle Line, North-Sout, East-West, and other lines. MRT public spaces have a large display of migrant workers’ pictures to encourage social cohesion and mutual understanding of appreciating the efforts of workers. All the photographs of Singapore’s demographic and workers have been taken from different industries like oil, gas, domestic work, healthcare, and more. Several photographs of migrant workers belong to individuals working for more than 20 years in the industry.

Creating Quality Public Spaces at SMRT Stations

The photograph exhibition organized by SMRT and Holdinghands Studio depicts the real-time struggles of migrant workers. It also depicts the skilled work, talent, and creativity of migrant workers belonging to different industrial sectors. The ultimate aim of this exhibition across SMRT stations is to allow all the passengers to respect the professionalism of workers and raise awareness about their stories, struggles, and sheer contributions to society. With the help of this exhibition, SMRT promotes the importance of migrant workers in society and their responsible behavior towards people.

Chairmen Seah Moon Ming Viewpoint 

To inaugurate the art exhibition, SMRT Chairman Seah Moon Ming was the Guest of Honor. Also, present some influential professionals like Mr. Chia Der Jiun, Permanent Secretary (Development) of the Ministry of Manpower; Mr. Goh Teck Seng, Deputy Chief Executive of Land Transport Authority; and Mr. Ngien Hoon Ping, Group CEO of SMRT Corporation. As per the chairman, ‘the purpose of showing photographs of migrant workers is not just for public attention. But more paying attention to the skilled workers, their utmost level of creativity, and their important contribution to the development of Singapore’.


SMRT in Singapore assures a comfortable travel experience across the city with utmost safety and cost-effectiveness. In addition to offering special commutation services to all the people in Singapore, SMRT also plays a pivotal role in raising social awareness. For instance, an art exhibition showcasing the pictures of migrant skilled workers is organized to support the social cause.

Author’s Bio 

Chloe Tay

Chloe Tay is a highly skilled and dedicated metro design engineer known for her expertise in creating efficient and aesthetically pleasing transportation systems. With her unwavering dedication to her profession and her passion for creating efficient and visually striking metro systems, Chloe Tay continues to make a significant impact in the transportation industry.