An interview, observation, and test-based neuropsychological assessment have been recommended to measure and evaluate your thinking and behavior. The psychologist will have access to information about you from your doctor and other people who have treated you or helped you recover. You will be questioned about your accident and yourself. It is recorded to secure the data so that later it can be used for an insurance claim.

The transcription process is very important for the insurance claim when it comes to neuropsychological assessments. Professionals are required to simultaneously type out the data and listen closely to the audio transcripts or carefully review the hard copies. The goal of the entire transcribing process is to translate a spoken language source into written or printed form.

Hire a Qualified Neuropsychological Assessments Transcription Service

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Spectrascribe employs the most seasoned medical transcriptionists who are well-versed in neuropsychology terminology. The insurance agencies seeking a transcription service receive several benefits from a transcription company like

  • Sensitive medical data is kept completely private and safe.
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Spectrascribe has years of practical experience able to comprehend and transcribe audio data containing insurance terms and jargon. Spectrascribe has received a lot of praise and approval from insurance professionals for neuropsychological assessments because they provide transcription services that are completely professional and always of high quality.

The process of converting dictated information provided by an insurance company or the concerned neuropsychological assessment centre referred to as insurance transcription. These formats will be provided as audio files, which will be converted into written text by transcription and medical terminology specialists. Regarding the services, the majority of these audio files sent by clients via the internet will be converted into written text by service providers. is making excellent use of cutting-edge technologies like computer-based dictation, digital recorders, and many others. They have specialized transcriptionists and editors who provide work on time.