Young, brilliant artists made waves in the K-pop scene in 2022 with the help of innovative ideas, skillful choreographies, beguiling vocals, and exciting performances. This year, fans of the genre were introduced to fresher faces as established K-pop groups continued to produce BOPs.

Only BTS, Blackpink, Jungkook, Twice, and Lisa, who are all well-known K-Pop acts, are ahead of them in terms of musicians with the most monthly listeners. In this post, we will look at the best NewJeans albums.


NewJeans, a five-member girl group formed by ADOR, made the best K-pop debut of 2022 without a doubt (HYBE Labels). With the release of the EP NewJeans in August 2022, the girl group made its debut. The group, however, gained attention long before their debut when they unexpectedly released the pre-release track “Attention.”

Fans responded positively to their unexpected arrival in the K-pop scene with tens of thousands of comments. Their song video was influenced by the 2000s, and the pleasant combination of R&B and pop tones in their music helped NewJeans become a worldwide phenomenon.

There’s no denying that the quartet, which consists of Danielle, Haerin, Minji, Hyein, and Hannie, had one of the strongest K-pop debuts in 2022.

NewJeans Albums

Let’s look at the best tracks of NewJeans-


The album sold 481,425 copies on its first day, which was a considerable amount by album sales standards. Since their debut album, “New Jeans,” only sold about 262,815 copies on its first day, this indicates that NewJeans has surpassed its own record for first-day album sales.

On the first day of the release of their brand-new album, NewJeans not only shattered their previous record for first-day sales but also established a new personal best in first-week sales. Their debut album, which sold about 311,271 albums, had previously established the record.


The self-titled debut extended play “New Jeans” by NewJeans won the 46th spot on the list of “The 100 Best Albums of 2022.” There’s no denying that Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein created a stir this year with their debut EP, as Kristine Kwak stated in her article about New Jeans.

The singles “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” “Cookie,” and “Hurt,” which are all under 13 minutes long and largely influenced by the Nineties pop style that works well for this band and ensures repeats, each have a distinctive sound and novel visual element. Even though it’s only a brief EP, we found ourselves wanting much more.


With “a groovy underlined by a busy beat” and “key shifts that jump between major and minor that maintain its early 2000s R&B-influenced instrumentation simple,” “Attention” has been regarded as a song. Danielle, a member of NewJeans, contributed to the song’s lyrics.

Hype Boy

A moombahton and electropop mash-up called “Hype Boy” highlights the musicians’ “distinct vocals.” The words to the song were contributed by member Hanni. With lyrics that are “self-assured—with a hint of anxiety,” “Cookie” has a simple hip-hop beat and “dance-pop with fat synths and a variation on the Jersey club sound.”


Despite making their debut a few months ago, NewJeans’ popularity seems to be expanding daily. They’ve been smashing records for new K-Pop groups, placing highly on numerous music charts, and they’re on track to take home trophies at the year’s end music shows.

NewJeans albums are ranked higher than any other fourth-generation K-Pop group in a listing of the top 40 K-Pop artists with the most monthly listeners on Spotify, which differs from followers in that monthly listeners are people actively listening to their music. Despite only having four songs in their career thus far, this is outstanding.