Tribals io is a multiplayer survival game where you try to stay alive by crafting, mining, building, and exploring an island. Tribals is a free and easy-to-play survival game that takes parts from games like Minecraft, Rust, and ARK Survival. Play tribals io at the cookie clicker website.

You can build your own base and go to the island by yourself or with friends. There is so much to do, from chasing chickens and being chased by bears to building huge bases and making all kinds of tools and weapons. Make your own character and throw them into the wild to see how long they can last. Explore the island, but make sure you don’t get too hungry or thirsty. If you do, well, you don’t want to find out! You will never run out of things to do because there are so many things to find and make. See how long you and your friends can last together or against each other.

You can play Tribals io by yourself or with other people, so jump in and decide how you want to play. Can you rule the island and make your tribe the best?