Due to its immense popularity and amazing networking performance, Orbi garnered thousands of users as soon as it entered the global market. But, does it mean that the device is shielded from problems? Of course not! A lot of users these days are making statements about facing the Orbi WiFi router not working problem which sometimes stops them from accessing the Orbi router login portal. In this post, we’ve tried to sum up the information regarding the same issue. So, walk through the entire write-up and know what you can do to bring your router back to its normal working state.

Let’s first start by highlighting the major causes that might have caused the problem. However, for this, you need to check the next section.

Why is Orbi WiFi Router Not Working?

A number of reasons might force your WiFi router to stop working. But, in this section, we’ve listed the common ones for you that are as follows:

  1. Improper supply of power to the router

  1. Your WiFi router is overworking

  1. A huge amount of signal interference is present around the device

Now, move on and learn the ways through which you can fix the problem you are facing with your wireless router brought in by Netgear.

Ways to Fix Orbi WiFi Router Not Working Issue

  1. Ensure Proper Power Supply

Many users reach the conclusion without even checking the status of the power being supplied to their routers. They forget that the router needs adequate electricity to work efficiently. Chances are that you’ve also got your name engraved on the list of those users. But now, it is time to mend your ways.

Check the power source that is responsible for supplying electricity to your router. If it is found damaged, connect the router to another outlet. But, this time, avoid committing the mistake of putting a damaged wall socket to use. Also, ensure that there is no power issue from the backend. You can take the assistance of a UPS to compromise power outages.

  1. Power Cycle the Router

Sometimes, the router’s non-working status is due to excessive working. Perhaps, your router needs some rest. Therefore, you must fulfill its demand and power cycle it. Know that the process of power cycling will provide your router the ability to fight technical glitches.

To power cycle the wireless router, disconnect it from the modem first. Once done, switch it off and unplug it. After that, you must wait for as long as you can. Lastly, connect the router back to its power source, switch it on, and connect it to the modem. What happened? Still, the Orbi WiFi router not working? Walk through the next tip in that case.

  1. Remove the Signal Interference

Do you know that the WiFi signals emitted by your Orbi router have a tendency to get blocked or deviated from their designated paths? Well, now you know. If there is too much WiFi interference present near the router, then it won’t be able to transmit signals properly forcing you to reach the conclusion that it is not working.

To do away with the problem, you must reduce the amount of WiFi interference-creating factors to a minimum. By that, we mean to keep your WiFi router away from televisions, microwave ovens, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, aquariums, mirrors, lenses, glasses, etc. Apart from this, avoid keeping your wireless router near a thick concrete wall or in a corner. Know that avoiding the router’s correct placement tips may result in the Orbi satellite not connecting to the router issue.

The Bottom Line

That’s all you can do to fix the Orbi WiFi router not working issue. It is expected that after trying the hands on the aforesaid troubleshooting techniques, you will be able to fix the issue. However, if you are still considering yourself unlucky, reset the router to the default factory mode.

Once that happens, be ready to install it from scratch by accessing the Netgear Orbi router’s web-based management utility or via the Orbi application. The choice is all yours!