What is Firemaking ?

Firemaking is one of the oldest and simplest skills of Old School Runescape. It allows you to burn various objects and logs in the game. It’s a very easy and straightforward skill.

Why Should You Train Firemaking ?

Firemaking isn’t that useful compared to other skills, so why should you bother training it ? Well there are few reasons why people do train it. First and the main reason is quests! Some high end quests that give really useful rewards OSRS GP require firemaking to complete these quests are as follows:

  • Shades of Mort’ton – Firemaking Level 5
  • The Giant Dwarf – Firemaking Level 16
  • Enlightened Journey – Firemaking Level 20
  • Recipe for Disaster, Skrach Uglogwee subquest – Firemaking Level 20
  • Sea Slug – Firemaking Level 30
  • Olaf’s Quest – Firemaking Level 40
  • Swan Song – Firemaking Level 42
  • Enakhra’s Lament – Firemaking Level 45
  • Lunar Diplomacy – Firemaking Level 49
  • Tears of Guthix – Firemaking Level 49
  • Desert Treasure – Firemaking Level 50
  • Beneath Cursed Sands –  Firemaking Level 55
  • Monkey Madness 2 – Firemaking Level 60
  • Making Friends with My Arm – Firemaking Level 66

So to get a quest Runescape Old School Infernal Cape you will need at least level 66 firemaking.

Next reason is achievement diaries, if you are looking to complete all the achievements in the game you will need at least level 85 firemaking.

Lastly, it’s a pretty easy skill to train to boost your overall total level.

Firemaking Training

There are not that many ways to train firemaking so I am going to list all of them for you to choose. After that I am going to list all the quests you can complete to gain firemaking exp.

Levels 1 – 30 ( Creating Pyre Logs ): This method requires the completion of the quest “Shades of Mort’ton”. Creating pyre logs offers the fastest exp rates from levels 1 – 30.  Players can create all types of pyre logs, meaning you won’t need any firemaking levels to create high tier pyre logs. This method is pretty click intensive but if you choose to do this you will be creating redwood pyre logs. Fill your inventory with sacred oils and redwood logs 1:1. Click on either one and the other to combine them. The faster your clicks the more exp you will get.

Levels 1 – 30 ( Burning Colored Logs ): Colored logs are created by using various gnomish firelighters. The best way to do this is to store your firelighters in a gnomish firelighter. Burning colored logs will give you more experience than burning regular logs until level 30.

Levels 30 – 35: You will be burning willow logs until level 35. You can keep burning willow logs until level 45 if you want to save some money.

Levels 35 – 42: You will be burning teak logs until level 42.

Levels 42 – 45: You will be burning arctic pine logs until 45.

Levels 45 – 50: You will be burning maple logs until level 50. From level 50 you have two options, option number one is, continuing to burn logs until 99 which is the fastest method. Option number 2 is to start doing Wintertodt which is slower in terms of exp but much more afk and profitable.

Levels 50 – 60: You will be burning mahogany logs, however if you want to save some gp you can continue burning maple logs.

Levels 60 – 75: You will be burning yew logs.

Levels 75 – 90: You will be burning magic logs.

Levels 90 – 99: You will be burning redwood logs.

Levels 50 – 99 ( Wintertodt ): Wintertodt is a great alternative to train your firemaking. To do this method efficiently you will need to use the official Wintertodt worlds which are worlds 307, 309, 311, 389. This minigame is rewarding and much more relaxing and it will also grant you woodcutting experience. After each game you will receive a loot box as a reward. From this box you can get pyromancer outfit pieces, wearing the full pyromancer set increases your firemaking experience by %2.5.

Quests for Firemaking Experience

The Giant Dwarf – 1500 EXP

Heroes’ Quest – 1575 EXP

Enlightened Journey – 4000 EXP

Enakhra’s Lament – 7000 EXP

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Article From: OSRS Firemaking Guide