Our Thrift store donation pick-up offers an easy door-to-door pickup service that will do all of your hard work. All it takes is the making of the pickup date, and packing of the items and our Thrift store donation pick-up will do the rest of the work. We are also perfect for those who are trying to downsize. From the small house, movement downsizing is not for empty nesters anymore. Many people are trying to simplify their lives by often getting rid of their material possessions. You can drop off your clothing, furniture goods, or household goods at any of our thrift stores.

Our Thrift store features

To schedule a pickup for furniture or any other household items you can contact us. We are proud to offer donation pickup options for our donors. All it takes is researching the pickup date, and packing the items and our Thrift store donation pick-up will do the rest of the work. Contributing to our door-to-door pickup services is very easy as it involves your donations to help support everyone in our non-profit community programs. Scheduling a pick- is free and easy. Our drivers will come directly to your home & haul your items away, free of charge, and will keep It Out of Landfills. As an expert in the local thrift store supply chain, we know which items to accept.

Schedule Your full Donation Pickup

With our pickups, you can preschedule your donation pickup in advance. If you need your stuff gone right away & are stressed about that last-minute move, you can lean on our services. We will get everything and all should be packed in a better way. We will then come and pick it up according to the time we get it. We will accept all types of furniture which is ready to use.